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  1. I'm still waiting on Brown too, of course anticipating a rejection haha. I am pretty much set on the program that has already accepted me, so that's okay. It's quite impressive to be waitlisted at Michener, so congrats! But yeah, I imagine you would see movement in the waitlist, and thus potentially be given a place in the cohort, if another poet turns down their offer. I am not sure how their waitlist is ranked or if it is ranked at all--each program handles that differently. But since I imagine they have a certain number of poets and fiction writers in mind per class, you really only have to worry about the poetry waitlist and not the entire waitlist. Good luck!
  2. So I just got my first waitlist, and honestly, it's kind of way more frustrating than an outright rejection, haha. I think I already have an idea of where I'm ending up, but not having answers makes me so anxious.
  3. Conure

    how old are you?

    25. Going to be going to grad school at 26 (birthday is in June), which is okay with me. I'd have preferred to have done in before 25, but sadly, life had other plans. That's okay, moving forward.
  4. I was just getting done with work for the day and happened to look down at my phone and see that I had a missed call from an unfamiliar number. I have been getting a lot of spam calls lately, and I try to remind myself of that before I get too excited. But when I unlocked my phone, I saw that the area code belonged to a familiar place and that I had a voicemail. I was walking on air for days.
  5. Worries: I got into one fully funded program that I really already love, as well as another great program that I probably won't be able to attend because I'm not sure the funding is going to be great. While these are great things, and I am certainly leaning toward the one at which I have already secured funding, I just--feel like I don't really deserve it. I know, impostor syndrome and all that. But I just feel so upset about how I feel that it's hard to concentrate on work or anything else. I just feel like at any moment that program is going to discover what a mistake they'd made and decide they don't want me. From what I understand, I was one of just a handful of poets accepted. That humbles me. But it also makes me feel incredibly worried that perhaps I somehow slipped in even though I don't really deserve it. Excitement: This process is almost over, and I do have some great options to consider. While I'm still waiting on two more responses, both of which I'm pretty sure are rejections, I am for sure going to grad school in the fall, which means I don't have to repeat this soul-destroying process in 2020 and harass my professors for recommendations again.
  6. If it helps: last year, I got rejected from Iowa and didn't get my rejection letter in the mail until mid-March or so.
  7. I was finishing up work when I got a phone call. Didn't get to it in time, so they left a voicemail. Was so happy, I couldn't concentrate on anything else.
  8. I agree, that was really what I needed to hear right now myself. I got rejected by Iowa last year too. It hurt, yes, but I knew it was a long shot and that given some personal circumstances, it was probably for the best. I applied to five programs this year and have so far gotten into one. I am still so over the moon, but I know that this whole game really is so unpredictable. The rest of the results could be rejections, and while that will hurt, I'm glad I went through with it this year. I almost didn't even bother applying at all this year.
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