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  1. I got my acceptance this morning for the Master in International Affairs! Looking forward to meeting some of you in Geneva this coming fall!
  2. That's really good to know because I'm not on the facebook group 😅thanks!!
  3. Nothing! I'm wondering if it is because March 15th is on a weekend, perhaps they will release results tomorrow? Either way i'll be checking my email every hour on the hour today....
  4. Do you think it could be worth it to also email Munk? Like ask if there has been any movement on the waitlist? I feel as though the bulk of people accepted to MGA were accepted about a month ago now but I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to ask for the likelihood of acceptance at this point...
  5. Just got the admissions offer from McMaster Global Health with scholarship! Only have a week to decide to accept or not though!
  6. Just got into McMaster's Global Health MSc with scholarship. Still on the Munk waitlist for MGA so i'm a little confused as to whether to wait it out or not. I only have until April 25th to accept McMaster. Any advice from those in the same boat???
  7. Hi all! I'm super excited to hear that second round admissions for munk will be coming out soon as I was put on the waitlist. I'm also pretty happy to hear that some are declining their munk offers to go somewhere else. More opportunity for me to get in to my first choice whilst others pick their first choices! Fingers are very crossed and best of luck to anyone else that is waiting on second round
  8. Thanks for the insights! Are you in MPP or MGA? And which specialization are you taking?
  9. Ahhhh, I have started thinking about the gap year but it's hard thinking about housing and whatnot if I get in as late as June or August! I really really want to email them to ask how many are waitlisted but I have already emailed so much! I'm not sure if they actually care about people who email a lot but I am worried about emailing too much!
  10. Does anybody have any info on the Munk MGA waiting list? Wondering how lucky I might be to get accepted or if I need to start planning my gap year!
  11. Are you talking about Glendon College? I go to Glendon right now for my undergrad and the sense I get of the MPIA is that there is a strong focus on the exchange and basically a guaranteed scholarship. I did not apply though.
  12. I just got waitlisted! I am so relieved! Congrats to all who got in on the first round. A question about waitlisting... could it have something to do with me being in my final year of by B.A. right now? I only applied with my grades from 1, 2, 3 years. I am not sure how many people apply while they are still completing their undergrads.
  13. I didn't get in. 3.8 from a Canadian university. Fluent in English/ French. I was expecting a very different outcome. Congrats to all who did get in.
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