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  1. Anyone ever hear from University of South Carolina?
  2. I've seen some people get interview invites and rejections from some of the universities I've applied to (e.g., michigan state and university of nebraska lincoln). I haven't heard anything, invite or rejection, and all of my applications still say that they're under review. What does this mean?
  3. I've seen a few people post about Georgia State and University of South Carolina. Who are your POIs? I'm holding out for these schools before I accept a job offer instead. I applied to work with AG, CS, and KS at GSU and SS at USC. (cross posted from the other clinical thread)
  4. I've seen a few people post about Georgia State and University of South Carolina. Who are your PIs? I'm holding out for these school before I accept a job offer instead. I applied to work with AG, CS, and KS at GSU and SS at USC.
  5. I'm in my senior year in undergrad and I am currently applying to clinical phd programs. I'm a project coordinator in a clinical law psychology lab currently, and the thing my lab looks for the most in grad students is relevant research experience. Two out of three of the grad students in the lab got in right out of undergrad. All of the grad students had some form of law internship and at least 2 years of research experience. My gpa is similar, I have 3 years of research experience (2 labs), am doing an honors thesis, and I'm also heavily involved in the psych club at my university and with psi chi. The grad students in my lab seem fairly confident I will at least get interviews this application round; I'm not so sure, but I really don't know lol. My biggest piece of advice is to try to present a poster at a conference/complete an honors thesis if you can! Not sure if this helps or not!
  6. I'm retaking the gre this weekend because my quant score was much lower than what it needs to be. I'm also applying to middle tier schools (uni of memphis too!). The only reason I decided to retake it instead of just applying to less schools and hoping they ignore my gre scores is that my parents have offered to pay for it. Don't forgo your phd dream! If a phd is what you want, don't waste money on a masters program.
  7. I'm graduating in the spring with a double major in psychology and gender studies and with a certificate (similar to a minor) in clinical psychological science. I'm applying to Clinical-Community psychology phd programs this round. I'm primarily interested in studying sexual violence and general violence against women. What do you think my odds are of getting into a program? My stats are below. GPA: 3.6 GRE: Verbal - 60th percentile; Quant.- below 50th percentile; Writing: 4 Posters: 8 posters, I'm first or second author on 6 of them Research Experience: I've been in a social psych lab for 3 years and a clinical-law lab for 2 years. I have some higher level responsibilities such as training new RAs, managing participant payments, creating vignettes for studies in addition to basic RA duties like coding and running participants. I'm also completing an honors thesis. Extracurriculars: I'm the president of the psychology club at my school. For two years I worked with the university counseling center providing peer support. For a year and a half, I was a part of a group that led an eating disorder prevention program for girls. LOR: I will have two letters of rec from research faculty (both relatively well known in their field) and one from the professor I am an undergraduate teaching assistant for. If anyone has any program recommendations, I would love to hear them as well!
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