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  1. Honestly, frantically trying learn as much as I can about the area. Looking at apartments via craigslist to get an idea for costs, Helping my wife look for potential employers, rereading the offer letter to make sure its real... you know the usual. I have a visit scheduled soon but deal with anxiety by trying to learn as much about the issue as possible. Still haven’t heard from any of the other schools but I count myself lucky that my first response was an acceptance and is my first choice for PI.
  2. How’s everyone holding up? I’ve seen a lot of responses for counseling, dev, clinical but not so much for Cognitive or Applied
  3. School: Oregon State University Type of Program: Applied Cognitive Psychology
  4. Got 6 applications in for Ed Psych / Cognitive Psychology (PI’s focused on its application to education) best of luck to everyone.
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