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  1. Just in case anyone else also applied to JHU BCMB... I emailed the admissions office a few days ago and was told yesterday that the program was still extending interview invites for February. Hope this helps! P.S. the person I emailed also told me she will ask the program director about my application tomorrow and let me know my status (did not ask her to do that) so I am terrified 😭 STRESS
  2. Hang in there! The wait is truly painful... And fingers crossed for UPenn (for both of us hahaha)
  3. Current status: Notre Dame IBMS - interview USC Molecular Bio - interview UPenn CAMB Cancer bio - waiting Columbia GSAS - interview Johns Hopkins BCMB - waiting Does anyone know if UPenn CAMB (specifically the cancer bio program) and/or JHU BCMB have sent out all of their invites? My hope is dwindling so any info is much appreciated!!!
  4. I am waiting to hear from UPenn Cell and Molecular Bio...
  5. I am so sorry to hear that... Please don't let that shake your confidence in your abilities, skills, and reasons for applying. Keep your head up and acknowledge that you gave it your all and more importantly had the courage to try. P.S. Where are you from? Neurolog is a word from my language so I was just wondering
  6. I was looking at your list of schools below and I also applied to UPenn BGS and USC... Hope we hear something in January!
  7. 1/6 ... Does this happen every application cycle or is this year out of the norm?
  8. Today I received an email from Johns Hopkins starting with: " Congratulations..." and my heart stopped. Opened email and it turned out to be just a thank you for filling out an inquiry form on their website to receive more info on their program (which I completed days ago). I'm going to go and curl up in a ball in the corner of my room until the holidays are over. Have only heard back from one of my programs so far. RIP grad school.
  9. Thank you for your advice! Actually a lot of programs started sending out rejections already (according to the results page at least). The timeline difference with international students has more to do with your second point, not with scheduling interviews. Programs usually have only a few sport reserved for non-US students while at the same time have comparable numbers of international and domestic applicants. This means that the review process for international students might take more time (many qualified applicants only several spots)... That does not mean that I'm not hearing from my programs for this reason. They could have very well rejected me and are waiting until later to send out notifications like you said.
  10. Nice! The only interview invite I received so far is from Notre Dame. Slowly losing hope for the other programs 😕 and slowly breaking the refresh button in my inbox
  11. It is quite possible since they probably took a break over the weekend. They might send a bunch out tomorrow! GOOD LUCK and may the force be with you
  12. Do you think all December interviews have been sent out already? I know many programs used to send invites on December 21st the latest but this year its a Saturday... Should we just hope/pray we have better luck in January?
  13. Hi M246! I am also an international applicant and wondering the same thing... I only received one interview invite and nothing else (not even rejections) and I did notice on the results page that in previous years many schools sent out interview invites to domestic students before they sent them to international applicants... If you don't mind sharing, have you heard back from any of your schools yet?
  14. I'm also waiting on UPenn BGS. Can you let me know if you hear anything??? The only reply I got so far is from Notre Dame IBMS (interview invite).
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