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  1. Got a super nice email from my POI at Ryerson letting me know I was her top choice, but ultimately got waitlisted due to a lack of clinical spots. I got offered to switch to the psych science stream (doesn’t really fit my career path), so I guess we wait it out and hope a clinical spot opens up!
  2. I know UBC-O has already sent out interview invites, and unfortunately there are very, very few spots this year so i wouldn't expect a second round of interviews. I hate to pass on the news but better than not knowing! I am hoping to apply next year when more professors are accepting students!
  3. Woke up to an email that I am waitlisted at Ryerson. Not too disappointed as getting in would mean a cross country move which absolutely terrified me. If I end up getting off the waitlist, then I guess it is meant to be! POI is TB.
  4. I got an email from Ryerson last week letting me know that the admissions committee is still sending out offers as they were wanting me to apply for funding (despite not receiving an offer). But if anyone who has acceptances can you send me the initials of your POI? I want to know if it's time to rebook the GRE to get ready for the next round of applications. Also, anyone hear anything from USask? Been absolute silence since I submitted the application
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