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  1. From my experience, faculty members are more than happy to listen to people who are interested. It may be that their answer is that they have no openings, but you never know, they may be interested in you in future, or have in interest in finding more about you! With respect to knowing who to email, ask friends or go on the Uni's website. If you are still not sure, find a reasonable contact and politely ask them to point you in the right direction. Best of Luck!
  2. I have recently completed my masters year. My main thing to say is be prepared to perhaps add more routine to your life than in undergrad (as I in my undergrad had no routine whatsoever). I found that routine was essential to coping with the increased workload/difficulty, and allowed me to have a work-life balance!
  3. I have also heard people in this problem. I hope this all gets resolved for people, and I'm sure it will.
  4. This sounds like an exciting opportunity. Good luck!
  5. I had an interview last year, and although I did not attend, I think the in-person interview will be much easier than if this year is by phone or video conference. Let me know how it all goes guys!
  6. Let it be heard, I remain positive for the future of academic AND other careers, even if it does take a bit of time to get back to normal (hopefully even better - but that's a push)
  7. You could start early conversations over email with the staff at the university, I reckon this would be a great way to already build a rapport with them and to get your ideas flowing!
  8. I had a virtual Interview even before all of this weirdness in the world. It was like an intermediary stage. I hope yours went well!
  9. I'm in a different area of study and have felt many of these things before, it's very frustrating but also I like to keep optimistic
  10. I know many people in a similar situation, sorry you feel lost. From what I have heard, you have captured the bulk of what you can do. You should look through job search sites as with any other line of work, and enquire where you are qualified. Other than that, it can often be useful to put yourself out there and enquire with the appropriate faculty. Often this may not lead to anything, unfortunately, but it can be successful, this can be helped by networking, connections, and references which can justify your enquiry even further. And of course, apply to PhDs again when the time comes again i
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