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  1. Who else has an "official" list of schools they're applying to? (Official is in quotes because I have a finalized list but also a consistent anxious desire to look through programs again just in case lol). It feels both surreal and exciting to take this big step forward in the process, and feel a bit closer to submitting apps and hopefully getting interviews.
  2. I'm also concerned, which is why I'd like to apply to more. Does anyone have suggestions for finding more possible POIs beyond going through all the APA-accredited programs or looking for frequent co-authors/cited works? The latter is particularly frustrating since my area of interest has a lot of crossover with criminology/sociology/social psychology.
  3. I'm currently planning on applying to around 10 school and constantly questioning whether that number is too low.
  4. Oh wow! I definitely have the opposite problem - around 8-10 programs and not sure if I should add more. I know I should start working on personal statements, but also the thought of it is so daunting. When are y'all reaching out to LOR writers? Feel like I should get started on that soon.
  5. My strengths have always been around research output (I had a first author pub and paper presentation at an international conference last time I applied), but I had pretty limited experience in psychology and no clear research direction. I think the biggest improvements I've made are 1) working a full-time job with my population of interest, 2) taking all the basic psych classes that are recommended/required for various programs, and 3) having a clear, concise research interest.
  6. Wow... I understand why they're doing it, but I'm just starting to work through the implications to my application. And lament all the studying I did over the past few months.
  7. Now that we're getting closer to applications, how many programs are y'all applying to? My expectation is in the 10-12 range, although could go as high as 15. I'm worried about applying to fewer because of competitiveness. I would love to walk out of this cycle with an offer (who doesn't???), but if not, at least a few interviews.
  8. I would also recommend reaching out to professors you'd be interested in working with and including your CV/interests. They will often let you know whether you academic background is sufficient to apply if you ask directly.
  9. I agree with the above posters that it's worth applying this year to see what happens, but I would definitely still be thoughtful about research experience. While you'll have some solid experience by the time you apply, it's really the bare minimum to get accepted, especially without poster presentations at regional/national conferences or publications. Not trying to dissuade you, just putting things in perspective.
  10. And here's a link that never expires!! https://discord.gg/H89H7JH
  11. Great idea! I'm super active on discord, so I went ahead and made one (happy to make other people admins, just felt comfortable with the server management situation). Feel free to join! https://discord.gg/GBrBum
  12. What's the best way to get you updates for this? CUNY/John Jay just announced all GREs are optional
  13. Hi! Definitely feeling a bit of the stress, but glad I still have so much time until apps are due. Right now most of my free time is being spent taking online classes to shore up my basic psych requirements (Intro and Stats right now, Abnormal and Research Methods early fall). Otherwise, I've been studying a lot for the Psych GRE, since it's being offered near me in September and I'm hoping it'll add credibility to my knowledge of psychology not coming from a psych academic background. Probably the most promising thing has been hearing back from more than half of the professors I emailed that
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