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  1. Hi! I am an international applicant and I got accepted
  2. I also have “congratulations on your offer.” But no email yet.💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫
  3. I received an invitation for an interview today. Wish me luck and Good luck to those who are still waiting for an email
  4. Hi Everyone! A first time poster here I would like to pursue a career as a policy analyst in the public sector in order to work on reducing the burden of road traffic injuries. It has been a goal of mine since like forever, but I did not know how to achieve that goal. Now I know I would like to complete a master of public policy/administration program, and I am certain I can get a full scholarship from our ministry of Education, but I am sure my application will be among the worst seeing everybody's achievements here. Please take a look and tell me if I have the slightest chance of gettin
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