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  1. Anybody received an invitation from Stanford lately?
  2. I totally did not expect a rejection from all 7 programs! Thank you for sharing and letting me know.
  3. Does anyone know if Stanford is still sending invitations? I assume it is my last chance of getting an interview.. Status: UPenn (Rejection) | UCSF (Rejection) | WashU St. Louis (Rejection) | UCSD (Pending) | Harvard (Pending) | Yale (Pending) | Stanford (Pending)
  4. Current Status: Harvard (Pending) | Yale (Pending) | WashU (Rejection) | UPenn (Pending) | UCSD (Pending) | UCSF (Rejection) | Stanford (Pending)
  5. I applied to SNAAP and I was assigned to a mentor to help me with interviews. It is a bit confusing as I still did not receive an invitation for interview from Stanford.
  6. Anyone knows if Stanford is still sending invitations???
  7. Seems my chances of acceptance is too low ... Hopefully to hear good news the upcoming days!! BTW, I think I read you were accepted in UCSF or another program.. CONGRATULATIONS!!
  8. 2 Rejections (UCSF, WashU) so far, with 5 pending: - Harvard PiN. - UCSD neuroscience. - UPENN NGG. - Yale INP. - Stanford neuroscience. Anyone knows if the mentioned programs already selected all candidates for interviews?
  9. I received my first email from WasU in St. Louis. It was a rejection. 1 Rejection 6 remaining
  10. I am an international applicant as I still did not hear back from any of the 7 school I applied to. 😕
  11. Congratulations! I am an international, non-US degree applicant. In my case, I am not sure if my application would be evaluated later or I assume it is a rejection.
  12. Congratulations!! Does it apply to international students? and thanks for sharing!
  13. Did anyone receive an invite from this list (Harvard PiN, Yale INP, UPenn NGG, WashU in St. Louis, UCSF, UCSD, Stanford)??
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