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    neurotransmitori reacted to blkfemanthro in Fall 2021 Applications   
    So difficult! I was rejected by 8 of the 9 PhD programs I applied to, and never heard back from 2 of the 3 MA programs I applied to. Rejections hurt a lot, but they aren't a reflection of our worth, whatsoever. This year was exceptionally tough to get into PhD programs, and even in a "normal" year it's pretty difficult to get into grad school. I sincerely wish the best for everyone who applied this cycle, regardless of the outcome. 
    As far as good news, I'm excited to say that I accepted my offer to attend CUNY's Cultural Anthropology PhD program with full funding and a stipend, health insurance, and a fellowship! CUNY was my top choice, so I'm absolutely ecstatic. Congratulations to those who received offers!
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    neurotransmitori reacted to halleraspberry in Fall 2021 Applications   
    Agreed! Congrats to everyone who applied in not only such a difficult cycle but a difficult time to live through!!! It takes so much patience and determination to actually apply and wait out a cycle.
    I’m happy to announce that I was accepted to Washington State university’s MA and PhD program with full funding, insurance, and a research assistantship  It was my top choice and I’ve accepted the offer although I still have yet to hear back from the other school I applied to.
    Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back! 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to paulacole in Fall 2021 Applications   
    Truly such a difficult cycle and kudos to everyone for getting through it during the middle of a PANDEMIC! 
    Still waiting on final funding but very happy to have to be considering an acceptance from University of Florida 🙂
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    neurotransmitori got a reaction from haribo21 in MAPSS funding offers?   
    Hey! New season new offers! Anyone able to speak to how to negotiate for higher offers? Who did you ask? How did you involve your department?
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    neurotransmitori got a reaction from tundratussocks in Fall 2021 Applications   
    First Acceptance! Woo! Phone call no interview for University of Alabama Tuscaloosa's MA program in Biocultural Medical Anthro. While POI mentioned they almost always find funding for Master's students, no funding as of yet but we shall see! Happy to answer any q's about the program or the process as I learn more. For my other schools I applied for PhD, but this school seemed to work more like the european system where they prefer people start with MA then continue on to PhD if it's a fit. There is a direct to doctorate option though where funding is always guaranteed. 
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    neurotransmitori got a reaction from New_Frequency in MAPSS funding offers?   
    Hey! New season new offers! Anyone able to speak to how to negotiate for higher offers? Who did you ask? How did you involve your department?
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    neurotransmitori reacted to anth_lola in Fall 2021 Applications   
    Welp, there is it. Received notification from UChicago - a very kind message stating that while they could not offer a spot in their PhD program, they did refer my application to MAPSS. Fingers crossed for an acceptance and good funding so that maybe I can go!
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    neurotransmitori reacted to hhap in Social Justice/Activist-Oriented PhD Programs in Anthropology   
    Hey, longtime lurker here. I wanted to pop in re: Oregon State.  Speaking only of the anthropology department, while I agree they are making an effort towards activism (ie, decolonization) in the discipline, their version of it, in my opinion, reads very much as performative. For example, in my experience, the faculty there treat “decolonization” like a buzzword and do not have any real desire in dismantling the settler-colonial infrastructure. They encourage you to use scholars outside the “canon”…as long as your work is still rooted in canon. Just fyi. It doesn’t help that the faculty seem massively at odds with each other, which creates an incredibly toxic workplace and pits grads against each other.
    Again, though, I agree they are making an effort (which is saying more than other institutions) and are worth looking into for that alone. The grad students are the ones fighting for the change, and have been for years. To the department's credit, they are beginning to be receptive. If that interests you, go for it.
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    neurotransmitori reacted to sophian in I want to do a PhD but i have schizophrenia   
    Hi everyone. I am back. It is now 2020, and I started my very first PhD program a distance learning program in September 2020. I finally did it!
    However, now I have another concern about the PhD program and job prospects. I also now have bipolar disorder, therefore,
    combined with schizophrenia, I have schizoaffective disorder. This has really increased my symptoms. 
    Now I am concerned about what I can do upon completing. I know I just started but im wondering if anyone is aware of part time
    phd jobs I can hold in the future. A full time career seems unrealistic for me with my illness. I am just wondering if there are any ideas?
    ThX So much!!
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    neurotransmitori reacted to meep95 in I want to do a PhD but i have schizophrenia   
    I would consider looking at more schools that will allow you to do part time.  I would worry that if you do have another episode that it may effect your studies in a way that you would need to redo the semester or would not make the grades to stay in the program. Make sure you are able to see mental health professionals regularly and can schedule time for yourself to relax. Once you are accepted to a program you want to go to, I would maybe tell your advisor once you know them better and ask them to keep it confidential. but that way they will be able to support you and be more lenient if you start to have prodromal effects, or maybe be able to notice the effects sooner before an episode. Definitely don't let this stop you from pursuing your dreams though   I don't know if you are on medication, but I have worked with clients who find the right medication for them and are able to be just as successful as anyone else, so long as they take them properly.  This is always a potential option as well.
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    neurotransmitori reacted to buttercup8d in I want to do a PhD but i have schizophrenia   
    Definitely speak up and ask for help (you have every right to pursue a PhD as any other person). It's not a weakness to ask for help either!
    Keep looking until you find the right support and resources you need. Your experiences and perspectives would make you a unique and invaluable asset to any program because you have insights/perspectives that a lot of people don't have.
    Good luck! We are here to support you too! 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to sophian in I want to do a PhD but i have schizophrenia   
    I would like to do a PhD but I have mild schizophrenia. During my masters, the stress of school triggered
    my very first episode, so I am kinda already scared to go back full-time because I do not want another episode.
    Words cannot describe how terrible they are. Nonetheless, I have always dreamed of doing a PhD, and I do
    not want my illness to hold me back. But I am aware that a PhD is very stressful. I also have concentration problems
    sometimes. I live with my parents now because I need their support. Also, the school I want to go to has a
    mandatory rule for studying full-time the first two years, then you can go part-time after that. There is another school
    that offers it part-time but I do not have the grades to study there. I already asked the school I want to apply to if I can
    study part-time due to a disability, and they refused. I really do not want to let my PhD dream go - I am willing to do the
    work, I am just scared that it will be too stressful that I may relapse. I was planning on not even working the first year
    (because I have saved some money so I will be fine), so that I could just focus on my classes without too much stress.
    I am just looking for some feedback from anyone really. I do not plan on telling anyone at the school about my
    illness if I get in. It's just hard for me to think I can't do a PhD, which has been a dream since high school, because
    I have a mental illness. I have taken 3 years off but PhD has always been on my mind. Thanks again!!!
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    neurotransmitori reacted to crthomps in Fall 2021 Applications   
    @anthropobean Thanks for the kind words. The support of others in this situation has meant a lot through this process, which has, since mid-January, been confusing, exhausting, and downright depressing. Sorry to hear about Chicago, though it seems you have a great growth mindset surrounding this whole situation. Best of luck with Stanford!
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    neurotransmitori reacted to anthropobean in Fall 2021 Applications   
    @crthomps I didn’t, unfortunately. Just waiting on Stanford now.
    @anth_lola I have a few faculty contacts across a few anthro departments nationally, and they all said this year has been especially brutal. They’ve gotten hundreds of more applications because people have had more time to apply and think about applying — and there’s probably something to be said about existentialist phenomena, like pandemics, pushing people towards graduate programs. And in addition to a great volume of applications, departments’ limited funding has allowed them to take much fewer people than in normal years. So a dual disadvantage there that I don’t think says much about you as an academic.
    One other thing I heard is that many departments have taken mostly applicants that already have MAs. I personally don’t have one and I won’t be getting one — I think it can be a waste of money for something who plans on doing a PhD anyways.
    I’m going to spend more time researching my topic, reading, sending my research proposal to different professors I know for their input on it, and finding a way to add a more provocative twist to it.
    Anyways, I wish you all luck! And take time to be sad and frustrated about this cycle (it sucks after so much time spent on applications and waiting), but don’t be discouraged! 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to samur in Fall 2021 Applications   
    To anyone curious about Stanford: applicants who either will be admitted or on their waitlist have already been interviewed. Applicants who did not receive an invitation to be interviewed can count that as a rejection  
    I'm honestly bummed about this, I communicated with a POI at Stanford in October who encouraged me to apply and offered some advice on phrasing for my project. 
    Also got a rejection email from Michigan, even after submitting a FLAS application at their request. 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to superduperpetra in Fall 2021 Applications   
    @samur same here, was told to apply for FLAS funding at Michigan but received a rejection email on Friday 2/5/2021.
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    neurotransmitori reacted to bearbonbon in Fall 2021 Applications   
    I'm wondering if I should take my POI saying they submitted a recommendation letter for me for an internal fellowship as a good sign? 🤔 I have an interview in the department too so we'll see.... fingers crossed!
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    neurotransmitori reacted to anthrobrain in Fall 2021 Applications   
    Since decisions have started rolling in, I wanted to wish everyone good luck! Admissions to anthro seems so random and there’s a lot of luck involved—I think that’s probably even more true this year with COVID and fewer spots. I’m hoping to see a lot of acceptances in this thread, but a gentle reminder that a rejection says nothing about your ability to be a great anthropologist. One of my fav grad students was rejected by all schools for the first 2 application seasons, but in that third application season, had a wave of acceptances... stay strong y’all. We got this! 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to crthomps in Fall 2021 Applications   
    Hi all! Just checking back in after some time and wishing the best for everyone this week into next. I got my first official decision today, which was a rejection from Princeton. Not how I wanted to start this out, but it's the reality, and now it's up to me to figure out how to process this in a healthy way. 
    I still have 2 good chances, so we'll see how it all plays out. This is feeling more and more like playing the lottery though.
    Best of luck to everyone in the coming days and weeks, and I'll check back in when I hear more. 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to jujubea in Writing alone? Share your goals RIGHT HERE, any time! Like now!   
    My Goals for Today:
    30 minutes of revising a second draft of a thesis chapter (don't laugh at the low '30 minute' mark! see the link above!) 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to havemybloodchild in Turning your coursework papers into publishable articles   
    Something else to think about is whether or not those papers would help to produce a really coherent idea of the scholar you will be upon exiting your PhD experience. One of the professors I spoke to during my interview process at the PhD program I’ll be attending this fall really discouraged the idea of publishing simply to publish (not saying that’s what you would be doing, but I definitely understand the desire to publish as much as possible without maybe fully knowing how those publications will speak to your interests/marketability later on), and spoke to some folks’ early publications as actually being detrimental to them when they entered the job market, because they muddied the waters as far as what that person ended up wanting to research and teach upon graduation. His comments really opened my eyes as to the purpose of publishing as a future job seeker within academia, not sure it’d they're helpful to you, but thought I’d share just in case! Good luck!
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    neurotransmitori reacted to maxhgns in Turning your coursework papers into publishable articles   
    The short answer is that they probably won't be publishable, because you won't yet be sufficiently familiar with work in the area to generate a new piece of scholarship. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, just that you shouldn't go in expecting too much of yourself. As a new PhD student, you're still just learning the ropes.
    Now that all that's out of the way: in order to do this, you'll need to explicitly set out to do it, and that means choosing your paper topics with care. You'll need them to make an original contribution, and that means having a good grasp of the relevant literature, and doing a lot more independent research for the papers. You'll need to start them early, and revise, revise, revise. Revise. And you'll need to have a good sense of where to send them, what the norms are for that journal, etc. And all that is a lot of work, especially for a new student who's still in coursework. So don't beat yourself up if you don't get around to trying to publish them for a few years. Coming back to the topic with fresh eyes and more experience will make it much easier to see what work still needs to be done, or even whether it's a worthwhile cause in the first place.
    So I'd advise you to take a long view. Try to come up with interesting and original ideas for your papers, and do your best writing them. Then try to present them at conferences. The feedback you get there will help you to determine whether it's worth pursuing publication, and will give you a sense of what you need to do to get there. Plus, it'll help you do some of the other stuff you need to do as a grad student, and get you started on networking.
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    neurotransmitori reacted to Adelaide9216 in Turning your coursework papers into publishable articles   
    Hello everyone,
    I will start a PhD next September and my goal is to turn a few of my coursework papers into publishable articles as soon as possible during my PhD journey. Any tips on how to do that? I have never written non-empirical articles for peer review before. 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to NotNomNom in Pains of Relocating   
    I think setting up a life is difficult, tbh. I've lived in a few places, and the hassle of closing banks, driver's license, changing mail address, getting the right documents at the right locations sometimes come to bite. Also, losing friends is a big deal. It's hard to have many and even harder to keep them. You may say that true friends never leave, and indeed they don't, but being out of touch with what's going on can really suck. 
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    neurotransmitori reacted to clinicalpsychhopeful in Pains of Relocating   
    I’m curious to know what the biggest stressors are for y’all once you’re actually moved into your new place. Making new friends? Finding new establishments (e.g. healthcare, entertainment, personal care/wellness spots, food/grocery, etc.)? Being away from family? Something else? Obviously the moving process itself is stressful, but post-move days aren’t a walk in the park either. 
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