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  1. I would never write a recommendation for myself. Too much pressure. If a prof told me that, I would move on to the next one. lol
  2. I don't think anyone here is really hating on Yale (well, maybe some)... they are just making the point that it is not the right program for everyone. Would I love to get into their photography program? Of course. But right now I am seriously debating whether or not the Yale name is worth being $80,000 to $100,000 in debt when I get out. And that goes for any private art school. There are some really great state schools that can give you just as good of an education if not better for some people (depending on what kind of work they do). I would love to hear about your experiences in the pr
  3. I am still narrowing down my list of schools. Applying for Photography MFA. Can anyone give any insight into UCLA's photography program? I know Catherine Opie is there and I would love to work with her, but I don't really know much else about their program. What is the work coming out of the program like? Are grad students there guaranteed a TA position? Right now I am also working on getting some newer work incorporated into my portfolio and putting the final touches on my artist statement.
  4. Hey allenm82. Good to see more photo majors posting. I have heard stories from friends of mine as well that even their fall back schools were very hard to get into due to the few number of spots available. Are you applying to the same places this year? Where else are you applying?
  5. Thanks to everyone for their comments about Yale. I am still applying there, but will carefully consider it if accepted. I would like to hear from other photo people out there. Where are you applying? What kind of work are you making?
  6. I agree. I am currently looking at state schools in Texas (where I live now) as safeties. Although one program in Texas I would love to get into either way.
  7. I too am applying for the first time to art grad programs. I am looking at photography mfa programs. What program are you applying to? I am also curious what advice people have who have done this before.
  8. This is a great thread. I have questioned my motives for wanting to get an MFA too (specifically whether or not I want to teach), but I decided that it is still worth it for developing my work even if I don't teach when I am finished.
  9. @losemygrip, Can I ask why you don't recommend Yale? Other than some comments I have seen you make about the work coming out of there, what turns you off about Yale? I am somewhat familiar with North Texas, but I have not visited there yet. Thanks for the recommendations.
  10. I am photographer, not a painter, but I have had the same thoughts about how some people are accepted into programs such as Yale, SAIC, and RISD for photography. With Yale, for example, it seems like many of the artists they choose take a very traditional approach to photography, but put a fresh conceptual or personal spin on it with their statement. Almost none of the photo work from the students at Yale seems "visually" new or experimental. So what I think it ultimately comes down to are the originality of the "ideas" behind the work in combination with a strong or consistent visual style. I
  11. @phaseone, I know! This is my first year applying. I took 3 years off after undergrad to figure things out, but this whole application process is new to me. Are you applying for Photo as well? Where are you thinking about applying?
  12. Any advice on fallback schools for photography? Because I am in Texas, I was looking at UT-Austin and U of Houston. Does anyone know anything about these programs? I visited UT about a year ago and they have nice facilities, but I got a strange vibe from the person that would be my graduate advisor. The faculty and students were all super chill though.
  13. @pjm1289, thanks that is very helpful! I had no idea what to expect from a grad school interview...
  14. Ultimately, yes. And to make valuable connections while continuing to practice art making.
  15. I am pretty new to this forum, so forgive me if this question has been asked repeatedly. I am in the process of researching mfa programs for photography (starting Fall 2012). Does anyone have any advice as to what programs are good "fall backs". I am currently thinking about applying to 4 top tier schools, and 2 fall back schools. The 4 I know I want to apply to are Yale, SAIC, RISD, and CalArts. Also, any advice about interviews? (assuming I make the cut! haha)
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