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  1. mainly policy ethics and philosophy of law. i'll be sure to let you know when i find out what happens!
  2. i'm at dalhousie. the last two years my GPA was only around a 3.6... i don't think my writing sample was AMAZING...and i was iffy about how my letters of recommendation would be. i heard recently that they MAY be making more offers, so I guess I will have to wait and see if more people decline! I hope so!
  3. i'm still waiting to hear back from ryerson MA phil...really want to go...i'm from toronto but just finishing up school out east. do you mind if i ask what your GPA was when applying? i have a 3.58... not sure what my chances are!!!
  4. don't worry. when i submitted everything it took about 3 weeks until it said i had nothing outstanding...what program did you apply to?
  5. thanks that does make me feel better....haha i was thinking about calling the department and asking if i could re-send the proper writing sample.....do you think they would allow this? i dont know what to do...so stressful
  6. my professor said in his recommendation letter he has to write that i have a history of not completing courses. he said it is necessary and that because of it they will take the recommendation more seriously. he said he would not dwell on it and focus on discussing my excellent work, essays, and presentations. he told me to dicuss reasons for some incompletes on my transcripts. now im scared...my gpa is a 3.5 but ive had to retake some courses. my mother was ill and i was away from school alot and had to drop some courses or i failed them... i plan to address this in my statement. does a
  7. Hi everyone, I am applying to masters in philosophy programs in the next few days and to be perfectly honest, this was a recent decision. i am a philosophy major with about a 3.6 GPA... I am a bit concerned however because my first year and a random semester in my third year are very bad.....i mean.....i pretty much slacked off and got Ds and Fs... so my first question is... how bad will this effect my odds of being accepted? i retook them...hence why my GPA does not reflect those poor marks. secondly, who knows how good my letters of reference will be. my profs know me but they dont thi
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