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Emerson College Application Overview

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First post here because I am just so excited!!


I turned in my Emerson College and NYUSteinhardt around the same time. My Emerson College application was a little quicker because my admissions counselor was almost always available via email. He would email me within half an hour and I've never had a better communication experience. Let me give a little background about myself:

I am have a Bachelor's Degree in foreign languages with a concentration in Spanish.
I found out about SLP/CSD around the time I had already cemented my major for the last time. My school, University of Alaska Fairbanks, did not offer a Bachelor's program in this concentration so I had to make do with what I had. Around my senior year in college during the last semester, I started kind of having a meltdown about getting into a graduate program that was actually of worth and very competitive. I had just moved to Austin and I had to take some time off from continuing my education because I had to stabilize my situation. 

  • My undergraduate GPA: 3.29 [I thought all hope was lost because of this GPA]
  • Upper-level division classes GPA: 3.7
  • GRE: Verbal - 156 (Above Average) , Written - 4.5 (High) , Math - 148 (Below average)

Fast forward to around October when I finished both of my applications for only two schools. I must have been ballsy to only have applied to two schools. I still have not heard from NYU yet but that is fine with me. I heard from Emerson College around 3 days ago through email, which is the normal way for them to contact you about decisions, that I did in fact make it into the program. (YAY MY DREAM PROGRAM!!) That is why I am not even waiting on NYU anymore. 

I kept freaking out about the fact that I was not the best student but somehow I made it into their program. Having given all this to you all, I hope it was encouraging and motivating enough to instill that numbers are not everything to a school. Trust in your abilities and what you've done and put your best foot forward. You are more than your grades and numbers. Give them the best writing sample you can and show them you want it.

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