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Gradcafe has been a great source of info and support at the application phase for graduate speech pathology programs. I was wondering though if there exists a similar website/online forum for current graduate students after one has been accepted into a program.

I am a member of ASHA and their student counterpart (NSSLHA) but not sure if they have similar forums. I am not sure where to ask questions more appropriate for students already in graduate programs. Thank you.

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I'm a current grad student and I've really been staying in the Grad Cafe community. It is mostly applying undergrads, but if you check out some of the other forums (like coursework, research, etc) there are other current grads. I like the idea of paying it forward and being available to answer questions or provide advice, and it would be nice if more grad students did the same. I also look at reddit, but I like the format of Grad Cafe much more.

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