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On 4/7/2021 at 3:47 PM, neuropsychic123 said:

Did you happen to get accepted? I'm waitlisted and likely going somewhere else but I've been super curious about their funding since I couldn't find any info for the MA funding on the website.

I did get accepted but turned the offer down since I got into a Ph.D. program. The funding is a monthly stipend and you still have to pay for tuition. Since I would have been out of state, the PI was going to nominate me for a scholarship to obtain in state tuition so that's an option if your PI thinks you might be competitive for it. 

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Hey y'all!   I applied to several PhD programs as well, but these are my MA programs: Sam Houston, NYU, Boston, University of Denver, and UHCL (a smaller university close to where I live in Houst

I'm currently an MA student at Wake Forest so if anyone has questions feel free to dm me.

I was told they had 150 applicants and could only accept like 8 this year so don't get down! It was competitive and you never know what will happen.

I know this has been mentioned a few times... but has anyone heard from NYU for MA in Psychology? Has anyone reached out and recevied a response? Trying to make some final decisions!

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