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On 10/13/2022 at 12:49 AM, psychbee said:

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if there are any current counselling grad students in here who can help! 

Like I’m sure a lot of people are experiencing, it’s nearly impossible to get a “counselling related” job right out of undergrad.

That being said, I’m wondering if anyone has taken counselling courses and had that help their application? I’ve been thinking about starting an online one at george brown, or completing the online series at Laurier. 

My hold up is that the fees for the Laurier one are like $2000 total, and I don’t want to do it if they don’t see it as an asset to my application anyways. 

Open to any advice/suggestions! 


Current OISE MEd Counselling student here! You're right, it's really hard to find counselling-related work without actually being a counsellor. Your best bet is probably doing volunteer work. To boost my application (got rejected 1st time applying), I volunteered at places like a crisis line centre and peer support mentor. 

For courses, I actually did a few counselling courses in undergrad since they're preqreqs for some counselling programs (e.g. UBC). Not sure if they helped my UofT application except for maybe further showing that I was committed. 

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11 hours ago, clinicalneuro said:

Hey everyone! I decided to apply to some MEd in counselling psychology programs after being brutally rejected from clinical last year.

What does everyone do for funding during these? Just students loans? Or does the CGS-M cover these?

To be eligible for CGS-M, the program must have a significant research component (e.g., major research project, thesis). If it's course-based, it's very unlikely you'll be eligible but it never hurts to ask. Other than internal awards offered by the school and maybe provincial awards, I'm not sure what kind of funding there is for counselling programs.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all! 

Been a lurker for a while but finally created an account to support and commiserate together through this process lol. It's my first time applying and reading through last year's very active thread was so helpful.

Wanted to check in with anyone else applying to U of T OISE's MEd Counselling Psychology program... I attended the virtual open house last month on Oct 15 and was thrown off when they changed their application questions. They said their website wasn't updated at the time and to just include the two questions: 

1. Please describe specific counselling-related work or volunteer activities that have prepared you for this program. Please explain how these experiences have informed your interest in becoming a helping professional. (750 words max)
2. Could you briefly describe your family, life, community, volunteer, or professional experiences that have helped prepare you to work with diverse individuals? (500 words max)

So I reworked my answers and just started my app through their portal and I now see a third box with their previous question (that's now not on their program website anymore) is still there Is there any additional information you want to share with the Admissions Committee that will inform their review of your application? (1500 words max). 

-insert shocked Pikachu meme- 

Anyone else in the same boat or were y'all early birds in starting your application through U of T's portal so this wasn't a shocker??

I sent them an email so we'll see what they say! 
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Hi all, so happy that I found this forum! I'd like to ask a few questions to more seasoned users as I am still very new to this whole process. 

Background about me: I'm in my early 30s, have been working in finance and Government work since graduating with my BA in Economics. I have always dreamed of getting my MSW but due to many limiting factors in my life I never seriously considered it until now. My partner and I have been attending regular family therapy for 2.5 years and my therapist has changed my life for the better. I'm feeling ready for a new career change and feel that getting the training to become a therapist  would be an idea fit for me. I am scared that due to my lack of related studies and experience I have a low chance of getting accepted to any programs. I'm just now seriously starting to consider and plan for this and when I read about some of the achievements related to this field that other applicants have, it makes me wonder if I am just wasting my time as I have too little of a chance.
What other forums/resources do you all have to help me sort this all out? 

I know it's currently application season so I feel like I'm very late to the party in trying to organize all this. 

For additional context, at this time I am specifically looking at UofG Couple and Family Therapy (MSc) program and Lauriers MSW program. I live in Kitchener, ON and will be unable to relocate for graduate school.

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Hey all, does anyone know anything about the Athabasca counselling program? I know it's online, but does that mean it's asynchronous and mostly discussion posts like Yorkville? And what about the program requires it to take 3.5 years long as opposed to the standard 2 (slower placed, more content)? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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On 8/22/2022 at 4:52 PM, psyc1818 said:

To those applying to UOttawa for the Counselling (MEd) program... wondering if you will be talking about research in your letter of intent? I know some of the prompts centre a lot around research but I know for the MEd program specifically we won't be doing research. 

I was wondering the same thing! Did you end up discussing research in your letter of intent? I am applying for the same program.

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On 11/13/2022 at 6:38 PM, counspsych101 said:

I was wondering the same thing! Did you end up discussing research in your letter of intent? I am applying for the same program.

I applied and didn't discuss research in my letter! It says on the website that you only need to discuss research options for the MA and Major Research Option.

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Is anyone else applying to University of Calgary counselling? How are you going about submitting the 3rd optional reference? The system doesn't allow us to formally request one and Dr. Russell-Mayhew mentioned just put it at the end of the counselling checklist. One of my primary profs just showed me what they had to fill and it has dropdown boxes and obviously the third referee won't have access to that since they don't get a formal link.


I've emailed Edith but she hasn't responded yet.

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Hello everyone,

It will be my first time applying this Fall.

 I'm thinking of applying for a master's in counselling psychology and social work! I'm still trying to narrow it down but probably OISE, UOttawa, McGill, Adler, Laurier.

I'll be graduating with a BA in psych. Currently have a 3.8 CGPA with various volunteer experience and no research experience. I think only one volunteer role is relevant atm :(

Tbh, I realized really late that I wanted to do either of those so I'm lacking in experience. I wonder is anyone in the same boat? Any advice would be appreciated :) 

Thanks for starting this thread btw!

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Question! Is it possible to apply to counselling programs across Canada without the intention of completing a PhD? I'm in Alberta and am planning on settling down in Alberta, and you only need your master's to practice as a R. Psychologist (as long as you pass the tests and meet the requirements). Obviously I will be applying to programs in-province as well but there are not many. Ideally, I would like to work with children, possibly doing educational and other assessments. Any insight is greatly appreciated! 

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Hey everyone just wanted to share that I just received an interview invite for Mcmaster’s psychotherapy program! Feeling so nervous. I am trying not to get ahead of myself as I know many people will be interviewed and only a few will end up being offered a position in the program. 

for those who got rejected, so sorry to hear that. i was in your place last year and I got rejected. I still dont know if i will get in. This is my second year applying. I know it can feel so discouraging at times,  i know at times i felt like giving up. but just remember your end goal and try again and again. ❤️atleast that is what I will be doing if i dont get in this year too

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10 hours ago, johnnyp.2 said:

Hey! Has anyone else heard from U of C's Msc in counselling program? Are interviews out now and do all faculty accepting students interview potential students? Thanks.

Interviews already went out 2 weeks ago. They had a very short interview period before they hade to make decisions. We're just now waiting till the faculty of graduate studies approve the faculty selections. If you didn't get an interview by this time, it's a soft reject. 

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