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  1. You mean the amount of classes you are required to take per semester?
  2. Yes, I was wondering who else would pick up on the fact these were released today.
  3. I would recommend contacting current students and also ask how accessible the faculty is. I found it odd that they didn't invite MAs to an open house.
  4. Did neither of you apply to MA while applying to the PhD? There was the option to apply to two programs. I did and found out a few weeks ago I was denied from PhD but accepted to MA. If it is still free to apply, I would just do it. Besides the time commitment, it is good to have options. That way you won't regret passing up a possible opportunity. I also doubt they would email everyone who didn't have MA. They don't want to get people's hopes up if they don't have a chance. Also, my offer was without funding. As far as I know, all their MA offers do not include any. Good luck!
  5. I would agree. While I was hesitant to hear about other people calling early in the season, it is pretty late now. I think it is appropriate to call, and if you like UPenn's program more than other's I would not accept your offer until you hear a definitive answer back from Penn.
  6. I've heard about some funding offers not be provided until after the visitation weekend. I think they use it as an extra motivator to choose their school.
  7. I would agree with above poster that it probably should be limited to your spouse/partner and dependents. I went with my boyfriend on only one of his campus visits since I would be moving with him. We asked the school in advanced, and they were very welcoming. I believe we made it clear that we were not expecting any reimbursements for me (flight), but I participated in their evening dinners and a housing tour. I stayed in the hotel during his one-on-one meetings and q&a panels. Also, since we needed additional time to look at off-campus housing, we arrived a day early and the department did not reimburse us for that additional night but found us a discounted hotel. Lastly, this year I’m going on campus visits. Since none of the departments are offering hotel arrangements, but are instead hosting me with a graduate student, I will not be bringing my partner along. He also has less of an ability to move with me anytime soon, so this decision affects him less than when we were planning his move. However, if he was interested in going, I think we would arrive a day or two early and pay for those nights in a hotel and his flight. Good luck!
  8. I was nominated for a prestigious fellowship at another university and then turned to them with another more competitive offer. I then received another fellowship from them. I would say it is probably in your advantaged to not accept sooner, but rather later. Also, try to use other offers to drive Purdue’s offer up. The second fellowship I had received required that the recipient had NOT accepted admission yet. Specifically, this fellowship was meant to recruit students who may have other offers to persuade them to attend their school. I probably won’t call. It seems like a bit of a strange question and I think it reveals your hand a bit. Good luck!
  9. I would go to both programs visitation weekends. You may find that mentors' and cohort members' personalities can sway your decision if you view the programs as largely comparable. Also, I would agree with montanem. If there are not substantial differences between the programs, go with the one you have a gut feeling for. Climates, proximity to family, etc may sway your decision too. And I think that's valid as long as the programs are similar in quality. If you don't think they offer the same education within your subfield, maybe go with the stronger one. Lastly, look at where they're placing their students. Are they desirable places to live?
  10. I would keep in mind ranking. Unless Columbia and NYU have a sub-field advantage, I would probably go with Princeton. Also, which school has the best regarded faculty. While the financial packages are about the same, you'll want to think long-term about what institution will place you best. Also, cost of living, whether each program offers guaranteed (and subsided) housing, and how family-friendly they seem. Princeton offers a (very) small day-care allowance, I believe. It won't last very long, but it's just something to think about.
  11. From a different field, but to echo a lot of the comments here my partner had a very low GPA (3.25, I think?) but had an otherwise killer application (including very high GRE scores). He was often encouraged not to apply to the best programs, but he did anyways and ended up at the top ranked program in his field.
  12. I would say that it's relatively standard, but you should nonetheless see it as a good indicator of your POIs' interest in your research and the school's desire to have you join their program. I've had a mix of responses. For two of my programs, the faculty who sat on the committee contacted me with enthusiasm and stated they told the other faculty I indicated on my application regarding my file. I've also received emails from one of these programs from DGS and Chair trying to recruit me and offering themselves up as a contact for questions. Also a student reached out to me offering to answer any questions. One other school, I received interest from the DGS but not from the faculty I mentioned in my application. I’m not trying to overanalyze this lack of communication, but I do think it is generally a sign that the program is a weaker fit. One program (which is ranked lowest of those I was accepted to) has done the least amount of courting despite a really strong fit with the program. The financial package is the weakest and because of its rank, I will likely decline the offer.
  13. For those of you who have gone on campus visits, what did you think? Any questions you wished you would of have asked in person but forgot to? Anything you wish you had known before the campus visit? Also, where do you think you'll choose to go to school? And why? Congrats on all your acceptances and good luck to those of you who will be applying next year!
  14. Welcome! I am also dying. I thought I would receive all decisions by now but am still waiting on about half. I assume they are mostly (if not all) pending denials, but we'll see!
  15. Automated as in triggered by an update to portal. Also, if you can tell us whether your portal was updated, that would be helpful. Congrats again on all your admissions! You've done great.