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  1. That's a good question; I've been trying to figure it out too. We'll likely spend the winter and summer breaks together, which should make the time apart a little easier to deal with, especially if we're also able to visit each other at least a few times a semester, which we should be able to do. It's a long drive (about 8 hours), but an easy enough flight, although that could get expensive, I suppose. In any case, it will be an adjustment from seeing each other daily.
  2. I'm excited to move to a different city and dive into my MA program. It's been three years since I've been in school, and like @Ibycus I'm looking forward to doing something I find meaningful after years of less-than-meaningful jobs. I am going into this a little bit older than some, and that had caused me some concern when I was applying, though it concerns me a little less now. Still, I know juggling TA responsibilities and my coursework will be demanding, and it will be difficult to be in a different city from my partner. Nonetheless, the excitement, at least right now, is stronger than the anxiety!
  3. A low GPA will be a strike against you, but you can make sure everything else is as perfect as you can get it (GRE, sample, letters, SOP) to help offset that. I'm not sure about the utility of retaking a class; you could, however, see if the department will let you take a graduate course. That would probably look better. I'm not sure if you've already finished your degree. If not, perhaps you can still pull up your GPA. If you're already finished, I'd get the other parts of your application as perfect as you can, and talk to your letter writers; they may be able to address the lower GPA in their letters in a way that makes it a little less problematic. As for how competitive you'll be, I'd agree that applying to MA programs is a good idea, but it's very difficult to speculate about your competitiveness for PhD programs. If you dig through old threads, you'll find stories of acceptances by students with low GPAs. Apply widely, in any case.
  4. I agree. I think it'd be cool to see more questions/discussion in this forum related to graduate school in philosophy after the application process. I know some of the other Grad Cafe forums discuss graduate school more generally, but they're not philosophy-specific.
  5. Did anything come of those wait lists for you?
  6. Not-quite-a-farewell as I'll be back soon enough when I apply out of my MA program. I also just enjoy this forum, so I'm sure I'll be back from time to time before then. Good luck to all!
  7. Good luck with your decision @skaikru! I ended up having a last minute PhD offer that I turned down for the MA (PhD program was ranked ~40 though).
  8. It's done. I'm going to Milwaukee!
  9. Just declined a funded offer from UC Davis.
  10. UC Davis just offered me admission to their PhD program! Very unexpected, since they told me one day ago that I was rejected..
  11. What do people who know you and your work think? How much work did you put into preparing for this round of applications? I'm in a somewhat similar position to you. I also got into some strong MAs with funding. I'm on wait lists at two PhD programs. One is in the top 20, the other is #31. I'm considering removing myself from the wait list for the program ranked 31 after consulting with one of my professors who knows my work. Is it risky? Yes, I suppose, but I feel like I have to try. However, if I am offered admission to the top-20 program, I will certainly take it. If I were in your position, I might consider accepting the offer, and aiming to apply out after 2 years. It doesn't seem to be extremely common, but I know people do it sometimes.
  12. After trying to call and email the graduate program coordinator without success, I called the department. They had me email the graduate advisor who informed me of my status.
  13. Finally found out that I'm rejected at UC Davis.
  14. I've just declined a funded offer from Georgia State.
  15. I've declined funded MA offers at Western Michigan University and the University of Houston.