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  2. Correct, I was not get accepted and it was like a generic denial letter. This time around they had me submit a letter explaining how I’ve improved my application since the previous year. The interview was the same 3 or 4 questions with another candidate. I went to the campus last year (recommend if you’re able to), this February I did a Skype interview with a faculty member and another candidate.
  3. ssr12013

    WWS Fall 2019

    Did they call or email you? And, if you don't mind sharing, why have you decided to decline their offer?
  4. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    I am going to PM you now.
  5. nav07

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know anybody who went to Lakehead for their MPH? I just received an offer of admission from Lakehead this morning and I have a couple of questions about the school/program
  6. Today
  7. Anyone else? English PhD here for anyone wanting to connect.
  8. Psygeek

    I failed my thesis.

    *big virtual hug* feel free to PM me
  9. Norhaha

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Me as well! - I thought the deadline was April 24th for the MPH Health Promo individuals to respond, so maybe we will hear back by the end of the week or beginning of May?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Adelaide9216

    I failed my thesis.

    Just learned the news today. I am still in shock. I did not expect to fail, even if I knew my thesis was not perfect. I was expecting a pass with revisions. Even my supervisor was not worried for me (she told me so yesterday). I just need emotional support right now. I need not to let my emotions get to me. I have won a major scholarship for my doctoral studies starting in September, so I need to resubmit by August. Otherwise, I am screwed. If I fail a second time, I won't graduate which means that my admission and scholarship offers will be revoked from me.
  12. OHSP

    NYU vs. Oxford for Masters in Middle Eastern Studies

    Go to whichever is going to land you in less debt.
  13. I turned down my offer to saint xavier! I am still on the high waitlist at elmhurst and haven't heard anything. I wont be attending there either though.
  14. Applied first at age 21 (also graduated undergrad at 21), reapplied at 22 and will be starting shortly after I turn 23 Having to reapply really reaffirmed my passion for and dedication to the field, so I can't say I regret how things played out.
  15. Em4

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Hey friends, also been lurking for a while - has anyone heard from UVic? I applied for the focus in Indigenous Peoples Health and haven't heard anything back. Any insight would help ease my stressed-out mind
  16. HI! I'm currently a student at UT-Dallas (about to graduate in May, yay!!). I've loved my time in the program! First of all, the UTD program is phenomenal, and congrats OP on getting in-state tuition, (I was in the same boat). As far as living, the program is weird because you may end up with practicums at the Richardson location, which is about 30 minutes north of the Callier Dallas location. The Callier Dallas location is also where ALL of your graduate classes will be. I highly suggest living closer to Callier Dallas for ease of that, and then if you get a practicum at Richardson, find people to carpool with. It worked great for me and I made some of my closest friends that way. I live in the Medical District (about 6 minutes from Callier Dallas), and I've enjoyed it. I live off Maple Ave and my apartment is currently $1667 a month for a 2/2 that I share with a roommate who is also in the program. This seems to be about lower average for apartments. All utilities added up (electric, water, internet) I probably pay about $870ish a month. Someone from the UTD COMD Office will probably send a email asking if you want to have your info sent out if you're looking for a roommate or anything like that, and suggest a few areas nearby people typically live. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me and I wouldn't mind sharing my Facebook for other tips and advice!! :)
  17. Help!! I was accepted to Columbia SIPA a few weeks ago and offered 40k annual scholarship, plus admitted to the IFP which comes with an additional $9,500 fellowship (1 year). Super stoked on this (SIPA has always been my dream program)!! I decided to leave my future self with debt and I committed and paid the 2k deposit. Fast forward... just found out that I was admitted to Princeton WWS off the waitlist. Full ride + living stipend. Here's the dilemma: SIPA has always been my dream school. NYC is my city, all my friends and my partner are there, I love it, want to be there. But I would have to take on about 50k - 75k total debt (that accounts for living expenses). OR, I take Princeton WWS, no debt, but have to live in Trenton for 2 years. Am I being irresponsible to pass up the free ride? PS. I have an financial aid appeal in to SIPA, but despite my best efforts, I won't hear back about it until after my WWS decision is due. Thoughts?
  18. kendalldinniene

    Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

    Can anyone tell me how common cockroach infestations are? Also I’m wondering about scorpions. Are they just a fact of life in the summer?
  19. Hi guys! I was also offered the full scholarship at LKY and was considering that offer against a 50% offer at McCourt and a no aid offer at Columbia SIPA. On speaking to some current students, I got the impression that the curriculum at LKY for energy and environment policy is not that impressive and also that the career services are not all that great with most people having to return to their respective countries and searching for jobs in previous networks. Is this something the rest of you have heard as well? On what factors are you basing your decisions? Would love to hear some perspectives on this. Please feel free to also suggest pros and cons for the other colleges mentioned if you have information regarding them or have admits and have considered them against LKY! Thanks!
  20. So last year you had an interview and you were not accepted? Did they give you feedback as to why you were not admitted? Was your interview this year any different from last year?
  21. CiaraMeow

    Grad school and cat

    Cats are all different. While, they're generally more low maintenance than dogs, the amount of attention they need/want is not really generalizable. My current cat requires more attention than any other I've had or known. I usually pop home to check on her midday because she will want some affection and a fresh snack. When I get home she comes running to the door mewing. She's very people-oriented and bonded really closely to me, but is equally happy if I get a friend or my bf to check on her once in a while. My old cat I could leave with food, water, and I'd have to go looking for her fairly often when I got home. She was cuddly, but more quiet and didn't care much for anyone but me and would often hide if other people came around. Some of this is breed-specific, I think. My outgoing cat is a ragdoll and they're known to be people-oriented. I recommend meeting a bunch at a rescue and asking questions and finding a kit that matches the amount of time/energy you have. Edit: I just now realized how old this thread is. Carry on.
  22. Mack93

    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    I had an interview last Friday and they told me I would hear back no later than today ... haven’t heard back anything as of yet. This is nerve wracking 😪
  23. BibliophileSW

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    I didn't realize this was the case until today. I have OGS and really rely on it financially.
  24. elodie

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    Ok, thank you. My institution is holding off on formal OGS results all together until May. My guess is that they still haven't heard from the Ministry as to how many they have. It seems at this point everyone is just speculating further cuts, though obviously (and unfortunately) we have good reason to expect this.
  25. I had my interview February 28th.. it’s been 8 weeks since then and haven’t heard back. The admission counselor said my application is still under review. Last year I applied and didn’t hear a decision from them until 11 weeks after my interview, which ended up being 3 weeks before the semester started.
  26. Any Romanticists out there want to talk about the State of the Field?
  27. merry night wanderer

    Prepping for Fall 2019

    Waiting for my GRE Lit scores, and hoping they'll be suitable. Prepping for the general GRE while I finish my collection of short stories. Then it's time to hit the big ones: the WS and the SoP. I have a plan for that which involves reading a critical article/chapter a day, using a list of scholars I've accumulated. I have my era picked out and a vague idea of my interests, but I need to hone it and crystallize my critical approach... no pressure!
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