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  1. I agree with the other posters that it's probably a good idea to foster a dog first, so that you can get a sense of what owning a dog might be like. Keep in mind, though, that if you're planning to adopt a puppy, they'll require a lot of time and energy – it truly is like having a newborn baby, but almost more work, because you can't use diapers! I got a dog when I was in undergrad, and although most people (myself included) would probably advise against this, it worked for me. I got my puppy at the beginning of the summer when I was working at a restaurant, so I was home all day with her, and
  2. I recently started listening to podcasts and I'm totally hooked - it's such a great way to utilize travel time! I'm currently listening to We All Wear It Differently - A Podcast for Early Career Psychologists and it's awesome. I'll be doing a lot of commuting this summer, so I'm looking to build my podcast list... What are your favourite podcasts?
  3. So true! I came across a similar situation and I was lucky in that nothing was late. But definitely try to get all applications in well before the deadline because these kinds of surprises are not fun.
  4. The poster above gave me the idea of posting the spreadsheet to Google Drive: Planning for Grad School I think a lot of it is similar to @ihatechoosingusernames documents, but it's all in one spreadsheet (within various tabs). Goos luck!
  5. You're right, organization is SO important to the process of applications. I used an Excel spreadsheet, and I recently created an example spreadsheet that should help students with their organization in terms of overall planning for grad school applications, application process planning, as well as some tips on organizing reference letter stuff. I've attached it here, but let me know if it doesn't work and I can email it! Plan for Grad School Applications.xlsx
  6. Congrats!! Yes, absolutely contact them!
  7. Yeah I find the short intervals (25 mins) really help me stay productive when I'm writing. Although some people prefer longer intervals of work (e.g., 60-90 mins).. it's a matter of trying out different methods and deciding on the one that works best for you. I use the app called 'Pomodoro Time' (https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/pomodoro-time-focus-timer/id973134470?mt=12)!
  8. They might find it easier to leave you alone when you're writing if you take a different approach to your writing. For example, you could adopt the Pomodoro method, which is writing for 25 minute intervals and taking 5 minute breaks in between (for the first 4 intervals). Then, after the first 4 intervals, you work for 25 minute intervals and take 15-30 minute breaks in between, up to a total of 10 intervals (i.e., a little over 4 hours of very productive writing in one go). This approach allows you to go say hello to your child, have a coffee with your spouse, etc. And since they're seeing yo
  9. Congrats! I'm submitting mine in a week, and can only imagine how fantastic it must feel!
  10. Not necessarily. There may be a student or two ahead of him on the waitlist. If they decline, the program will reach out to your friend. I know someone who got an offer in May last year.
  11. I really don't think anything negative can come from sending them an email, so if you're feeling that strongly about sending one, do it! You'll have a little piece of mind during this incredibly stressful time. Fingers crossed for ya!
  12. When I was planning to apply to grad school, I asked a clinical prof about this exact thing. She said that it's not necessary, and to instead focus on gaining as much research experience as possible. So, I didn't do any clinical volunteer work. I had a number of interviews this year and was offered admission to a couple schools. One interviewer asked me how a past volunteer experience affected me and my decision to go to grad school, or something like that, and I discussed previous volunteer work that was not clinical (mind you, it was a youth mentoring position). Either way, the interviewer w
  13. Excellent tip, thank you! Hmm.. interesting. I've never heard of this program. I'll have to look into it - not sure if they'd offer it in Canada (a lot of cool stuff that's offered in the states is not often offered up here, or if it is, it's triple the price).
  14. You guys are totally right! My mouse and keyboard will work via Bluetooth. Hooray! Now that I think about it, it was my Apple remote that didn't work... THAT needed the sensor! Ugh, yeah, ink can eat up so much money, thanks for pointing that out. I'll probably just print everything at school - they mentioned that we can print as much as we want, but have to bring our own paper, which is completely doable.
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