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  1. I am planning on submitting my master's thesis (which I finished 2 years ago and have since edited and revised extensively further) for publication. Any suggestions on English Lit academic journals, preferably any that publish on race and ethnicity, postcolonialism, decolonial theory, stuff like that? I am actually starting a Sociology grad program this fall lol, so this is completely different, but I thought I should try to publish anything good I have if I can, especially if my sociology research area is still connected to my MA thesis I did for English. Thank you!!
  2. eilonwy21

    Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Haha never mind - I see what everyone is talking about now I think
  3. eilonwy21

    Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Where are you guys seeing this??? Someone reached out to me on Thu for an interview for Rutgers and I just had it today. Do all programs have some list like this or something that I don't know about??
  4. I think the more that I work on my applications and my statement of purpose, the more layers of anxieties arise >____> I am wondering - what if the research interest I am delineating in my statement of purpose changes later on, if I get into a program? Does anyone know to what extent things like that are flexible? I've heard that programs expect you to develop/change your interests anyway, so its okay. But then if schools accept you according to how they see you fit into their program - then if those interests change, what happens?
  5. eilonwy21

    Statement of Purpose - structure advice

    I am grappling with exactly this problem!! I'm so unsure of whether I should have a hook or not - or if I am making too many references to scholars that have influenced my thinking (if it's too much name-dropping?). Would anyone on this thread be willing to provide me feedback with that? =(( I'm willing to exchange! Thankss!
  6. 169 is a near perfect Verbal score - you really don't need to worry. I mean, if the program is Comp & Rhetoric, quant doesn't matter very much and is nowhere near an indication of your qualifications for such a program, so likely they don't care.
  7. Hi are you still looking for feedback on yours? If so, I am willing to trade as well =)
  8. Hi everyone, would anyone like to exchange SOPs for feedback? Mine is for Sociology PhD programs. Let me know and I will PM you. Thank you!!
  9. This is really late, I know, to still be considering this - but after vacillating back and forth on what I considered my safe school (UMass) - I found out they don't offer tuition stipend at all except through loans. And honestly it doesn't feel worth it to pay loans& be in debt for a safe school. So now that I cut that, I have all my reach schools but no safe schools and I feel like this puts me in jeopardy. Can anyone recommend any schools/programs for PhD Sociology that is still a good program but can be considered a safe school to apply to? Preferably in the Northeast - I live in NYC, and I am applying to one in NJ (Rutgers), Penn, three in Boston, MA, and one in NYC. Appreciate it, thanks.
  10. eilonwy21

    UMass Amherst Ranking?

    @cowgirlsdontcry & @limonchello thanks for your responses! This definitely gives me some perspective. However, I also discovered yesterday that apparently UMass doesn't really offer a stipend package at all for tuition - except through loans. Compared to everything on my list, this is the only grad program that doesn't offer a possibility of direct stipend. That's kind of disappointing =|
  11. This might be a really dumb question, but I was still wondering. I just really want to know if my SOP reflects a fit for that particular program (Sociology). And I was thinking of emailing the listed contact reference for graduate applications (not some random professor I mean lol) - so then it wouldn't be completely inappropriate right? What do you guys think? Thanks!
  12. eilonwy21

    UMass Amherst Ranking?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what the ranking/reputation is like for UMass Amherst? I am applying to the Sociology program, and I keep hearing differing opinions about it. US News ranks it 36 in Sociology and 75 National. My professors suggested I shouldn't even bother applying there, but I think at the time I may have accidentally told them Amherst College (which is not the same). I am applying to UMass as a safe school, but I still wanted to know, if anyone can pitch in. Thanks a lot!
  13. I would be glad give you feedback as well - I am also applying to social psych programs, and some sociology programs.
  14. Seriously, I don't understand what's taking them this long. I haven't yet seen anything about any acceptances/rejections from their Master's program on the results page, so has anyone actually heard from them? I'm waiting to hear from them because otherwise I need to accept one of my other offers fast -__-

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