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  1. When I visited last week, I met a clinical student who had been accepted at the masters level. I'm assuming that means that they have sent out their first round of offers (at least)
  2. I applied to the Applied Social stream rather than the Clinical one, but I got a call from my supervisor Wednesday telling me I was accepted...Hopefully that means that clinical isn't too far behind! I hope you hear something soon
  3. My friend did, but not for clinical. She has an unofficial offer and is waiting on the official one to come in...not sure how different their clinical training stream is, but things are definitely moving along there!
  4. I didn't apply for clinical, but I was nominated for a scholarship at uSask that I was told would be decided mid-march...I would guess admissions decisions would be around the same time as the scholarship decisions I haven't heard much from them though and the waiting is killing me!
  5. I was talking to my POI about how I was fluent in French when another professor (who is a native French speaker) heard and came over. He started speaking to me in French, but I was so anxious that I stumbled over my words and ended up answering in English. Not terrible, but the memory certainly makes me cringe
  6. When I was applying to my Masters a couple of years ago, the interviews/open house was around mid-February (also around the time I got my rejection )
  7. UGH hopefully they pick up some speed! I hate waiting and I would really like to hear back from them
  8. @selfservingbias I haven't heard anything yet either! The silence is unnerving
  9. Just wondering if anyone had heard from Canadian social or forensic programs? Specifically York, Gueph and Saskatchewan for Social, and UOIT and Carleton for Forensic? I've been following the Canadian clinical thread, but their deadlines and stuff seem to be a bit different
  10. I'm applying to social and forensic PhD programs as well (in Canada though)! So far I've applied to a couple applied social psychology programs, one social-personality program, one forensic psychology program, and I have one more forensic psych application due in the fall. My research interests are focused on the study of sexual violence, sex offenders, and risk assessment for sexual offenders. The good stuff: I have several volunteer and paid research experiences in my area of interests and a couple unrelated ones, 2 submitted manuscripts (not in psychology) and 2 more that are almost ready to be submitted, 5 national/international conference presentation and several more local/provincial ones, and I'm 2nd on a $15,000 grant. The not so good: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, my MA thesis is more health psychology focused (and I find it terribly dull). The 2 submitted manuscripts I have are not in psychology and are in low impact journals (which is normal for the discipline) and I have nothing accepted so far. Overall, I feel pretty okay about my application but I can't help but be nervous! I hate all of the waiting
  11. I am a forensic psych student in Canada! There are a few options here. Most are general experimental programs with supervisors who focus on forensic areas (from my understanding)
  12. I'm planning to apply for experimental PhDs in the area of Forensic Psych. I'm currently finishing up my MA at a small Canadian university. I have a lot of conference posters and oral presentations, but no publications (which is stressing me out a little) and a high UG and MA GPA. Hopefully that is enough to at least get some interviews!
  13. It is! The only people I know are a few people from undergrad, so it is nice to meet other Canadian psych students
  14. It's a fairly small university, so I am not really expecting to find anyone...but are there other people who are going to Laurentian?
  15. My friend emailed them after going to the recruitment event and they just said to wait a few week...It has been like a month or so now Please let me know if they say anything of interest!
  16. My friend and I are still waiting on Brock too!
  17. I haven't heard back from either program yet either, so I am hoping that they are still waiting to send some out!
  18. Lexifer


    I'm 22...Applied to Master's and PhD programs
  19. I also got a rejection email today (with the same typo!) Oh well, Queen's was not my top choice anyways... good luck to everyone else!
  20. My friend who applied to social/personality was invited to the open house on Feb 13, I don't know about developmental science though...
  21. I applied to the experimental stream, but I still haven't heard anything either
  22. Thank you! I hope you hear something soon too!
  23. A friend of mine was invited to the Brock grad day and I was not, so I assumed that I was rejected and my friend is the top-pick for my POI at Ryerson, so I know that I was not picked as his student. I wrote presumed because I am fairly certain that I will not get into those programs, but I have not heard anything official yet.
  24. My list of favourites: "Forensic psychology? That is like CSI, right?" "You want to study sexual offences and offenders.... but WHY??" From my mom: "You know that guys find very smart girls intimidating, right?" From a classmate who missed the deadline to apply for an honours thesis: "Thats okay, I don't need a thesis because I just want to go to grad school anyways" ...why does she think I am doing this to myself? I must enjoy extra work
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