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  1. Hey everyone, please help me decide. I have got a full fund Phd from Northeastern and a Masters offer from UMASS. UMASS ranks MUCH better but it will take almost all my savings. On the other hand, I would like to have a masters to use professionally rather than a PhD for research. please help me decide.
  2. Hi, I just decided for Masters of CS there. Nice to meet all of you. I am wondering whether i should email some POIs for finding and advisor to work with or wait until I get there. about the housing, I have heard many students live in Sunderland apartments, near Amherst. good place but not in the city
  3. thanks for answering Applied for bioinformatics specialization in UIUC, and so far I have seen no other posts And for McGill, no International has posted anything, but I want to make my desicion sooner and start the visa process, so time is important for me also my POI from mcgill stopped responding and i am freaking out
  4. Hi, has anyone heard anything from these universities for masters of computer science? If so, can you tell me the date and whether you are international or home stydent there?
  5. Has anyone heard from UIUC Masters of Commputer Science in Bioinformatics? If yes, please tell me when did you receive you acceptance/rejection?
  6. applied for MS computer science @McGill, still waiting and trying to be hopeful
  7. Got the acceptance email from BU for computer engineering masters just now. unfortunately no scholarships.
  8. Okay, I have made a mistake in my resume, I have copied and pasted some lines about 2014 competitions and 2015, and I forgot to change one of the places in one of the competitions ( it says 1st in my resume while we won 2nd that year). Should I tell the schools or should I play it cool? mostly that I have been offered some interviews and I don't want to sound like I am lying about the reason that this happened, I also don't want it to be discovered later. I am so stressed right now.
  9. So They have sent interviews, this means I will not get it What did you apply for? Masters or PhD? I applied for Bioinformatics masters
  10. Hello, I have applied to many universities for Masters of computer science and have not heard back from ANY. The waiting process is exhausting when I have no idea what is happening with my application. I wish i hear back from them sooner and it'd be good news.
  11. I have submitted my application for BU. I see "WES/ECE Evaluation Not Arrived" when I am tracking my application but I there was no instruction in the applying process. I don't even know what that means, what should I do? Should I contact this organization or the university?
  12. I am applying to the Masters of Computer Science in UF and the application lets me choose up two 3 programs, so I choose MS of CS in both Computer Engineering Department and in Arts and Sciences Department. Is it aright that I submit the same sop for the both programs or should I write a new one for each one?
  13. Thank you guys for your reply about 5 days ago. yep you are right, I sometimes forget that professors are people with their own problems. It's just that the whole application process is so overwhelming, there is no room for new stresses
  14. I found a potential supervisor, he said my background is interesting and relevant and asked me some detailed questions. I answered his email a day later, because I wanted to write a thorough email, but now he hasn't responded anymore. What do you think I should do?
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