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  1. Hey there UConn Grads! I have a question regarding the stipend and the misc fees that you have to pay! I was charged $864 for the misc fees that I have to pay, did anyone get that as well? My friends in Brown only needed to pay $60 for their fees! I am curious if I should wait and see if the fees will go down or..?
  2. Having a hard time looking for this thread. I just want to say Thanks to my PI, my hubby and my best friend for all the support that they gave me! I was at a very low place in Jan-Feb, then I hurt my arm in Feb doing kickboxing. OVERALL low due to not getting into school and doubting my abilities and feeling old... Early April, my PI offered me a spot in his new research group. I missed the deadline to apply for Grad school in the school for Fall 2019. But he assured me he could get me in for Spring 2020. What would I do in those 6 months? Then he recommended me to discuss that optio
  3. Hey there! I've also been searching for places to stay! I first used Craigslist and found that there weren't many choices! I then went on the UConn Off-Campus Housing listing. You just need to sign in with your NetID (Which should be given to you when you were accepted) Just follow a list of steps to get your NETID then you should be able to login into Off-Campus Housing LIsting. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to get my other ID (I think is the email) where it's needed to login into On-Campus Housing Listing. However, I found a few good and affordable room prices around UConn Storrs from
  4. Those emails could be helpful for you. However, if you really don't want them, can you unsubscribe them? Maybe also report as "spam" Block them if you can too. TBH I'd advised against them. Most may not be useful, but if you do go through them once in a while, you'd find something useful. I usually just mark them and delete them personally. Doesn't take too much of my time. (Especially I have personal/ spam email, formal email, school email all separated) This is to ensure whenever I sign up for something I use personal/ spam. I use formal email for school/ work. I use the sch
  5. I think you are accepted. Wait for about 24-48 hours, and check your spam folders to see you're not missing anything. Also check your application page for updates / status.
  6. Presenting my Master's thesis in a few hours... Please wish me luck! 

  7. I haven't gotten any response from Columbia at all.. Is that normal? I havent gotten notification that it has been reviewed etc... I feel like they are not gonna review it and just reject my application. :/
  8. Thank you very much! I'm honestly glad that I am moving forward! I have not been in a right place before the acceptance! Congratulation on your WashU BME as well! I wish you all the best and everyone here!
  9. I got accepted to UConn and I accepted the offer. Is it normal to not get a funding letter from them? I heard the funding will come after or am I wrong? I am beyond excited but I don't think I can pay for 5 years of tuition. I was recommended by my current PI, he is a new UConn Associate Professor and starting up his lab this Fall. He assured me there will be funding and stipend but should I freak out now or wait?
  10. I am also going to UConn for BME starting Fall 2019!!!! Who is your PI?
  11. Thank you! I have been asking my other friends who are in similar PhD program, they all have been using Illustrator and told me they used "basic shapes" LOL.... YES basic shapes.... I will start on learning how to use Illustrator and have my friends show me how! I can already see my learning curve is so high! But I will work on it! I don't want to ask my PI about it (I should) but I feel like it is something I should have known before even getting into PHD program ya know?! Thanks everyone for the reply!
  12. I think it is best to contact your graduate advisor or your PI regarding this. It sounds to me that the fellowship only pays for part of your tuition fees and not all of them. Contact your advisor as well as the person in charge in the graduate admission office to get more clarification on the terms of your offer.
  13. Hello~ I have done a few searches in Grad cafe but I couldn't really find what I'm looking for. I am wondering how do I draw a figure for publication materials? For example, a schematic of mesenchymal stem cells like this but this is not mine, I just got it from the google searches I did a few searches online and found that I can use GIMP or Inkscape to draw, but is there any where else or does anyone know how? So far my PI has been the one doing the drawing and all, but I want to be able to work on it myself. Thank you!
  14. So sorry to hear Anyone heard from Columbia yet? My application has yet to be reviewed and they said it'll take them 6-8 weeks to review it so it puts the deadline to be Feb 15th.. I hope I am considered and not rejected even before the review.
  15. how come everyone else got interview but not me Done venting
  16. Yup! Same with me! I talked to POI before I applied, he replied within HOURS! Twice! Then I email him again last week to check if he has seen my application - nope- zip-nada~~! So I think it's a rejection for me sadly!
  17. I hereby challenge you! I have not heard from anywhere I dont think I'll be going into anywhere and this is my 4th cycle! I say it like I am proud of this but I"m not I swear! XD
  18. Just got rejections from BU but thanks!!
  19. I'm so sorry to hear This really sucks.. It is still early though, if they don't have interviews, it means they are sending out acceptances in waves! I hope this helps!
  20. Congrats for your BU acceptances! I"m waiting for mine now... And thank you! I expected the MIT. Even meeting the prof there didn't give me any chance which means I have no chance to begin with lol! Can't wait to hear back! Do you think they send out invitations in waves or set time? Should I give up? It could be a little different between MSE and BME in BU though.
  21. hey @Moods please don't feel bad. Also, didn't you get 2 interviews invitation? Just curious! I am seriously thinking of getting another undergrad degree to boost my shitty GPA (and get engineering degree instead of pure science) when I was in undergrad back in the day. I have great GPA for my masters but I'm starting to think that my Master is a waste of time.
  22. I am having the same problem!!!! I applied for 30 schools total and this is my 4th cycle! I am also thinking of giving up!! I am having a hard time right now honestly. Please, if you want to, we can talk to each other I totally know what you'e going through. Except I dont have the recommedation from Nobel Prize Laureate and I feel that should carry tonnes of weight!
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