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  1. Then I would probably go with business casual if that's the norm. Not sure if jeans count so I would maybe wear dressier pants or a dress?
  2. I think jeans (dark wash or black) and a nice top is perfectly fine and I've worn that with boots or flats to open houses in the past. Unless it specifies a dress code, you should be good!
  3. I've visited all 3 of these programs a couple years ago, so I'll try my best to offer my insights. Right now I'm deciding between ASU and another program. I felt that SDSU's program was my least favorite compared to both Arizona schools and it has a much smaller on-campus clinic than the other 2. I met with a professor and he was very nice. I just had better experiences at both Arizona and ASU. Both have really nice clinics and all 3 of these schools have great bilingual programs. I liked that Arizona has a separate pediatric clinic and overall I think they have a really academically strong, yet supportive program. ASU also had great facilities and they definitely place an emphasis on pediatrics if you're interested in working with kids. Also, all the faculty I met were very warm and caring. However, if you want to stay in San Diego, it might make more sense to go to SDSU since you'll likely have the opportunity to make connections with other local professionals as opposed to going out of state. That's a bummer that you can't visit. It really helps to get a feel for the program, but I hope this helps!
  4. Yes I'm applying for bilingual! That's what drew me to both programs in the first place. I'm also potentially interested in doing research as I did research in undergrad. I was really intrigued by UT's Habla lab so I was super bummed to hear it's closing in June because that was a big pro for me. I've already had the opportunity to visit both schools and was honestly impressed with both. The faculty I met at ASU were all so kind and I love the pediatric focus since I'm pretty certain I want to work with elementary or younger. They also have several labs doing research that interest me. I didn't get to spend a lot of time in Tempe/Phoenix when I visited a couple years ago, so I don't really know what the area is like. The heat is a big concern from me. I can't imagine over 100 degree weather all summer long! For UT, pros for me are the bilingual focus and they're known for their research. Their research and clinical facilities are amazing, although with their bilingual lab closing there's not as much research that aligns with my interests, so that's a con. Austin seems like a pretty cool, funky city and I could see myself living there. I'm excited by the potential of the PRISMS grant at ASU and the FINC grant at UT, since both really align with my interests: bilingualism and children. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll know in time to factor that into my decision. Honestly on program alone, I really feel like I can't go wrong!
  5. I feel you on this! I'm deciding between ASU and UT as well. It seems like there were a few scholarships available but the deadline to apply was Feb 1st. I know UT Austin does give out merit-based out-of-state tuition waivers, but I think they might not give those out until after you accept their offer, but I'm not sure.
  6. Hi! I also got my bachelors out of field (although I had completed a few slp pre-reqs as an undergrad) and I've been taking pre-reqs online through UW-Eau Claire's postbacc program. I really like it and they offer a wide range of courses. The professors have been great and it's very flexible if you are planning to work while completing the courses as it's asynchronous, meaning there's no set time you have to be online for say a Skype lecture. The only downside is there is a lot of group work/discussion, which at times can be difficult, but I'm not sure if other programs are like this too. Also you can apply to be a postbacc student, which qualifies you for financial aid and gives you priority over non-degree seeking students, if you plan to take at least 2 courses a semester. I would really recommend looking into what grad programs you are interested in applying to and seeing what pre-reqs you need (not sure if you've done this already) when choosing a program so you can take exactly what you'll need. That's what I did and why I ultimately decided on UWEC over Longwood, University of Utah, and other online options because they offered all the pre-reqs I needed for the programs I was interested in. Hope this helps!
  7. I actually end up talking to one of the clinical professors on the phone today and I asked if it was ok to apply if I wasn't sure if I was accepting or not and she said it was fine! I'm gonna go ahead and apply too, but I probably won't be making a decision before the open house.
  8. Hi! I also got into ASU and I'm highly considering them for their bilingual program. I was wondering if anyone else got an email inviting them to apply to the PrISMS grant, it's a multilingual/multicultural program (separate from the bilingual track). The application is due March 22nd, and I'm still waiting to hear from a couple other programs, so I'm not sure if I can apply without knowing if I'm going to accept or not. Anyways, I was just curious if they sent that out to everyone or possibly only people that indicated interest in bilingualism or top admits? thanks!
  9. Still waiting to hear back from UT-Austin and CU Boulder. I think UT should be releasing results this week!
  10. I am also planning to become a bilingual SLP. Like the poster above said, there are so many paths you can take to reach this goal. I majored out of field (human development and Spanish) and I spent the past year teaching English in Spain while taking CSD pre-req courses. So far, I have been accepted to 3 different masters programs that have a bilingual track. I think having fluency in Spanish definitely helped, as well as having strong grades/scores, and relevant work/research/internship experience. I actually think that having a different background outside of CSD was a benefit, but it's taken me extra time to get all the classes I've needed done. This is a great resource for finding programs that specifically offer a bilingual track/certificate/emphasis: https://www.asha.org/edfind/results.aspx?be=true. However, many programs that don't offer a specific track still have faculty researching bilingualism and opportunities to do clinical experiences with these populations.
  11. @LifeLearner @sairam94 @geocat and any other Spain ETA finalists, I found this website that was made for last year's group of ETA's that has a bunch of info about stuff like housing and visas and what not that seems super useful: http://madridfulbright.weebly.com Also congrats!!! So excited for us all!
  12. Also a finalist!!!!! I honestly haven't stopped shaking since I saw the email
  13. I studied abroad there for 6 months last year. Congrats on med school! I also applied to the auxiliaries program through the Spanish Ministry of Education, which is a lot less competitive, so hopefully I'll be back in Spain even if Fulbright doesn't work out.
  14. @sairam94 @LifeLearner I am also a semi-finalist to Spain for the ETA! I just found this forum and have been lurking; I thought it might help with the wait but its only made me more anxious! From the past couple years, it looks like the final notifications came out exactly 2 months after the initial notifications, so hopefully that is the case again this year and they come out next week...
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