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  1. First-year NPSIA student here! Anyone moving to Ottawa and looking for female roomies, let me know! Also - any questions about NPSIA let me know
  2. Hmmm, last year's Carleton's summer course was 6 online quizzes (3 micro, 3 macro) an exam for micro and then an exam for macro. Which doesn't seem too bad. I think Carleton will be easier because you do micro may - mid june, then macro mid june-august. That way, you're not trying to study both at the same time ( like with Athabasca U). Athabasca, you will need to do micro and macro at the same time ( and doing that online, with all of those readings seems like a lot TBH). I chose Carleton because I can solely focus on micro and macro separately ( less workload and cheaper)
  3. For macro at Athabasca, you need to do the exam in person. It seemed annoying to coordinate, hiring someone to proctor the exam and such. Plus the courses are hella expensive for both! Almost 1,000 for each course. Carleton was 1,600 total plus I get a four-month summer bus pass included. Not bad considering I'd have to pay for a bus pass to get to work anyways, so this saves me some cash.
  4. Yeah I'm registered! I've looked up past syllabuses and it seems like its just online quizzes then a final for micro and then macro! Doesn't seem too bad
  5. I reached out to NPSIA for them to match or exceed GSPIA's offer. I got an email today from someone (not Tabbatha) to discuss my offer - so hopefully this means good news!
  6. Apparently you are allowed to submit your work in English though due to their bilingual policy, but yes that course would be hell - I can't even imagine navigating through all the readings in french
  7. Hey everyone, So I'm still deciding between GSPIA and NPSIA - I think they're both great. I was wondering for your opinion. I really like the professors at uOttawa - my interests lie in education policy, and social policy more generally. GSPIA seems to have more professors that specialize in that area. For example, they have an Education Policy Research Initiative, that does lots interesting research in what I'm quite passionate about. If I were to choose GSPIA, I would likely do my research paper in that area and with those professors. I also like how it is public AND international affairs - so domestic and international policy making. My only hesitations are that the co-op opportunities seem less abundant, the mandatory French course, the somewhat daunting MRP, and its perhaps more theoretical approach? I also did my undergrad there, so I think I would be bored of the campus. For NPSIA, I really love its reputation, practicality, co-op opportunities and their course work option. Also, I went to the campus and it seems awesome there! I've heard good things about their faculty, but from what I've seen from the website, their backgrounds don't necessarily match my interests ( they seem more focused on conflict and security). I've gotten full funding from both - GSPIA 24K, NPSIA 19K. Can anyone give any insight? I have one week left to decide and I'm extremely torn.
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