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  1. Wow... that's sad. It's a lot of schools. Did you have a "safe choice"? I have applied to three different programs in Canada and got rejected for all of them as well, so I'm focusing on getting good grades and hopefully a paper published in a good international journal.
  2. Thanks for your advice again. These are points I didn't think of and it is going to be very helpful. I had no clue on how many applications were safe "enough" 😐. I will have to ask for LORs very early for my professors to send like... 7 or 8 of them. Usually they leave it to the last minute.
  3. Thank you for your advice... yeah, I've been considering other POIs, but many of them are in a very advanced stage of their career, almost retiring and not picking up students anymore. But this is a good piece of advice, I'm so focused on UMN that I might not get in and miss other opportunities. 😁
  4. Finally a thread for us😁! My main goal is getting into UMN PIB program and study with Professor Colin DeYoung or Professor David Funder at UCR. My interests vary a little... from social perception, to signal processing analysis related to the Big Five domains and, more recently, I've been interested in theories that attempt to explain the mechanisms underlying personality traits. I'm also interested in the person-situation debate.
  5. I'm applying for Fall 2021. I will by finishing my Master by 2020. Hope you get there
  6. Hi! I am intending to apply in the next year to UMN PhD. I am a big fan of Colin DeYoung. Do you mind sharing your stats? I am preparing myself in terms of GPA, GRE and I'm intending to have some paper published until the end of my master's course.
  7. I'm in the same boat. My GPA is similar to yours. I am currently doing my master's (2 years in Brazil) and striving for a perfect GPA to compensate for the undergraduate GPA. I intend to have at least one paper published in a decent journal to improve my chances.
  8. I just started following them on ResearchGate so I can keep track of what they are currently doing, maybe it can help in the whole process of getting in touch.
  9. Yeah. There is no Master's program without research here in Brazil, so I'm hoping I can get at least two papers published in good international journals to increase my chances a little bit. I will also try to contact POIs much earlier.
  10. I don't know what I can work on to raise my chances in the next applications. I was rejected by the 3 universities I have applied to (McGill, U of T, and Western). My undergraduate GPA was a mess but I managed to have straight As in the last two years (which seems to be more important to Canadian programs). I have applied to Master's programs. Also I had nearly four years with research experience and several poster presentations. I'm starting to think that it is more important to have some prior relationship with POIs.
  11. Just received an e-mail to check the uApply decision, which has been refusal of my application, as expected: "Thank you for your interest in our graduate program. We were only able to accept 20 out of the 333 applications. The selection procedure was very difficult, and many highly qualified candidates had to be refused. Please accept our wishes for success in pursuing your academic goals."
  12. Same here... Under Review. I am supposing it means rejection (I wasn't even interviewed) but at the same time it just doesn't make sense not changing the status to "Rejected" as soon as possible so that these applicants can move on with their lifes. Western University is suppose to release their decisions by April, but my "Not Offered Admission" is there since mid March. So maybe there is still hope after all.
  13. My status in Western University just changed to "Not Offered Admission". 😕
  14. Oh god, that's so sad... I've been obsessively checking uApply website and It has been market as "Under Review" since the application. It sucks 😑
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