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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking 😅. Self-doubt really fuels my anxiety in this process. That email was from a well known professor in the field, so I am a bit confused.
  2. HELP! A professor just replied to an email saying given my training and skill set, I would be ideal. I don't know how to reply back... what should I write?
  3. It was more like to show interest in their research and have that first contact. Do you know if the admissions staff have any information on budget cuts etc.?
  4. I'm nervous because most POIs are not replying my emails, even after I sent a kind follow-up 😶
  5. The only responses I got so far came from professors informing they are not anticipating taking any new students next year 🙄
  6. I didn't hear back from the POIs I contacted... it's been two weeks
  7. It has been a week yet. I will certainly do this. Thank you
  8. I'm currently reaching out to POIs. I'm a little nervous though because many of them didn't reply yet.
  9. Does anyone have any information about University of Minnesota in regards to GRE requirement?
  10. I'm intending to apply to UBC, McGill and U of T. I will be applying to Personality/Social programs, but I'm not sure if they provide any funding for international students that are not funded by their respective contries (I'm Brazilian). Do you know how these programs proceed in terms of funding?
  11. My interests are broad but they all relate to personality psychology. Now in my master's, I was forced to pick up a specific topic to develop my thesis, which is concerned with mechanisms underlying personality traits. It is not an easy thing to do, because it will take up most of your time, so pick something you are obsessed about. As for my research experience, I have worked as an undergraduate research assistant for 3 years in a project for developing a school achievement test--activities ranged from test administration, to data collection, to data entry. Basic stuff. And now in
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