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  1. I am sorry for that. I got accepted at this program and will be accepting the offer. Which POI did you applied to?
  2. Hopelessly expecting to hear something from University of Minnesota, UIUC and University of Oregon. Has anyone heard something from them?
  3. I have applied to University of Minnesota, University of Oregon and UIUC. I haven't heard anything from them yet.
  4. I was wondering in those new applicants have any research experience? Edit: considering they decided to get into academia given the lack of opportunities in other fields, I can only suppose they don't have much research experience. I am assuming that those who seek to be involved with research during their undergraduate years are those who end up applying directly to graduate school after finishing their undergraduate degrees.
  5. Just finished my applications for University of Oregon, UIUC and UMN. Fingers crossed.
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