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  1. Praxis

    Thank you so much! I'll PM you my email!
  2. School Facebook Groups 2017

    Thank you!!
  3. 2017 Applicants Here!

    Congratulations on your decision!! I accepted my offer for the University of Washington's MedSLP program the other day! I am certain I won't regret this decision at all. I'm so relieved that this grad school application stuff is finally over for me. I'm very excited for the both of us!
  4. I accepted my offer at the University of Washington's MedSLP program a couple of days ago! This was a difficult decision because I got accepted to other great programs, but I knew that I could not deny this amazing opportunity to attend UW. This program has a specialty track in my desired area of interest so, needless to say, when I received my letter of acceptance I was beyond thrilled! This program is very expensive, but I know it will be worth it. I'm very excited to start this upcoming September!
  5. What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    I'm still waiting on Arizona State University. I saw people already getting accepted on the Results section, but I haven't received any notification. I just want to be told if I got accepted or rejected already lol.
  6. 2017 Applicants Here!

    I haven't received work study in my financial aid package...yet lol. Apparently there was a minor discrepancy between my FAFSA and the UW Financial Aid office so my financial aid package was delayed (I finally got my financial aid award yesterday!). I talked to the financial aid office if I could still qualify for work study and they said most likely yes. I'm also not sure how work study works, so if I get offered it I won't know how to go from there. All of this is starting to get so real! Just like @imunster said, all I got at the moment are loans . But honestly I was expecting that, especially from a school like UW Seattle lol. I'm STILL waiting on ASU to make my final decision. I hope we get to be classmates this upcoming fall!
  7. 2017 Applicants Here!

    Thanks for letting me know! This is making me very anxious lol. Me either, I hope we get some funding, though! ANYTHING would help lol. I emailed Dr. Spencer about funding and she responded not too long ago. She said that the few scholarships they had have already been offered to students . However, she said that if a student declines, the money goes back into the pool for the next person on the list. This made me hopeful, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I think whether or not I get funding I will probably still attend. The program is phenomenal (from what I hear) and I greatly prefer to work in a medical setting. I feel that I can't pass up this opportunity, despite the high cost of the program. I am still waiting on ASU to make my final decision, though. Are you going to end up attending?
  8. 2017 Applicants Here!

    Has anyone heard any additional information about funding offers for MedSLP students (UW Seattle)? I know that the awards were cut by around 60% this year, but I am wondering if anyone has been offered an award yet or if they are still making decisions? Thanks!
  9. 2017 Applicants Here!

    @pbandj Thanks so much!! I did not think I would be accepted to the UW MedSLP program, I'm still in shock! Lol. Congratulations on your acceptance to the Core SLP program!! I hope you get some additional funding! UW is beautiful and the program is phenomenal, but very expensive, so funding would definitely help. Best of luck to you!
  10. 2017 Applicants Here!

    Thanks for the update! It is very unfortunate that the awards were cut by 60% this year. I was told that they aren't able to offer me any funding at the moment, unless more money surfaces within the next few weeks. I really hope I get some funding! EDIT: I got accepted to the MedSLP program.
  11. I am waiting on funding for the University of Washington (MedSLP). Has anyone heard when funding decisions will be made by?