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  1. Good call. I'm switching from the MPPA to NPSIA for next year. Shoot me a message if you wind up doing the econ through Athabasca. Cheers.
  2. Good call! I wound up requesting a decision extension b/w SPPA & GSPIA last year that drove me bonkers. Switching into NPSIA for next year though. Seee youuuuuuuuuu in the fall brotendo
  3. Just got accepted into GSPIA! I need to decide between GSPIA and Carleton's SPPA. 12K at the former and 19K at the latter. Help would be mucho appreciated folks. Looking for insight on job prospects/ paid co-op opportunities, and faculty caliber.
  4. Does anyone have a sense for how different the Athabasca and Carleton syllabi are in terms of difficulty? I'm already taking other courses this summer so seeking the path of least resistance
  5. Hey, honestly I think that they fucked up my app. Just because I had a transcript from an exchange uni, they made me pay an extra $30 for the international applicant fee. So I don't know what their deal is, I have to enquire as to if they treated my app as an int. student or what. I was really disappointed with their offer/ administration throughout the application process, which is too bad because I would've loved to be in Victoria for two years :'( I'll PM you about the deets of my call if any come up. I'll ask if I was waitlisted, or second round/ first, etc. I was chatting wit
  6. Hey, got admitted an notified a couple days ago. Shit funding though compared to other places which is whack because you'd think it's less competitive than programs in Toronto/ Ottawa #bummmmmed
  7. Hahahaha, for those of us on the Munk waitlist I'm pretty sure that the decision made switch is just playing catch up.
  8. Does anyone know if GSPIA offers are still rolling out? I can't figure out if they're doing it in waves or a few a day. What an embarrassing screw up on their part.
  9. Does anyone have a sense for how the policy programs rank? I'm curious what the general consensus is. I've gotten into Hertie and Carleton's so far but I'm waiting on Ottawa, Uvic, and Toronto still.
  10. Just got a bs email back from GSPIA saying that they have to calculate my GPA and it'll take a few weeks.
  11. Did you just call and ask if you were admitted yet and if there was a discrepancy with your online profile, or were some jedi mind tricks involved?
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