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  1. Hi, Last year I applied 5 schools for PhD and all have rejected me. I was a little bit late to apply. I completed my application in January and tried to contact in mid-January. Sent mails to 11 prof. and only 2 replied me. One of them said that he would take a look my application. The other prof usually do interview with all candidates in February, so we did it. At the end, I have not been accepted.This year, I will again apply for PhD. I will add other schools to my options. However, I would like to add some schools from previous years list. Is it fine to send an e-mail to a potent
  2. Undergrad Institution: One of top 2 schools from Turkey Masters Institution: Same as UGMajor(s): Electrical EngineeringMinor(s):GPA in Major: 3.55Overall GPA:Position in Class: Top 25% I guessType of Student: GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 170V: 144W: 3.0TOEFL Total: 88 but I will retake itResearch Experience: 4 Years working experience (2 Years Antenna design, 2 Years RFIC Design)Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Scholarship from National Scientific Institutions and from UniversityPertinent Activities or Jobs: TA during MSAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points:
  3. Is it possible to get an offer after 15 April if schools have not made a decision on my application? What is the likelihood? I have 2 rejections but 3 schools have not answered me?
  4. I am at 0 cuz I didnot get any offer. Guest will be rejected by 3 schools feelsbadman
  5. I guess I will get a rejection from there. They have not responded.
  6. It is April 11 and I am still waiting results of 3 schools. I know they are all going to reject me
  7. So I have not got any acceptance or rejection. When 15 April past, ppl like this guy will reject some offer and schools will offer these rejected offers to others, someone like me right?
  8. Virginia Tech, UC Davis and UMass Amherst left. I got rejections from Ohio State U. and U Colorado Boulder. My field is RF/Microwave Circuit
  9. I am still waiting for decisions from UMass Amherst, UC Davis and Virginia Tech. Nobody has posted anything about Umass. It is April. Should I assume rejection?
  10. Applied 5 schools. 2 have rejected me.3 have not answered yet. It is about to be April and it appears to be full rejection
  11. What is a waitlist? Portal says my application is under review. Is it counted in waitlist?
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