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  1. I don't go to any of these schools, but I've visited UConn and Auburn. Here are my thoughts about the areas: UConn is a land-grant institution. It's a pretty area, but it felt very rural to me. It also gets quite cold in the winter. Auburn has a very college-town feel to it, with neighborhoods around and a cute downtown. Opelika, which is a few miles down the road, has bigger stores like Target, etc. It's also about a 2-hr drive to Atlanta, if you're craving big city things. Good luck deciding!
  2. A month 'till April 15th! Any other waitlisters freaking out a little? I'm hoping the best for us all! And hopefully we'll start to see more waitlist movement with the deadline approaching, and people accepting and declining offers.
  3. Congrats!! Totally normal! I've had that happen a couple times, and they sent the letter later that day. But since you're POI said within the next week, try not to worry if it takes longer. It's real! You got in! You can believe it!
  4. First of all, congrats on your acceptances It sounds like there are a number of things to consider! Personally, I find that making a chart of pros and cons really, really helps with decision making. When I'm deciding between two, I think to divide my paper in fourths with the schools on top and pros/cons on the side of the paper. It can help to visually see how many pros and cons there are, and to see them side-by-side. It might help you see which pros are drawing you the most, or which cons detract you the most. For me, gut feeling and fit is also really important--where does it feel that you'll be happiest? Which program feels like it's "you"? Where are you most excited about the classes and professors? Which location would you enjoy the most? Good luck!!
  5. YAY! So happy for you!! A good reminder that there is always hope!
  6. I'm all for hand-written notes! I think they're lovely, classy, and can mean a lot to people. When I gave my thank you for LORs, it was around the holidays in December, so I gave it along with little Christmas gifts--things like a box of tea and some chocolate. I've also heard of people giving things like a mug from the school that they'll be attending to LOR writers.
  7. I think you're totally okay! Even though you told them that you'd make a decision by mid-March, you have until April 15th. I don't think it's be inappropriate to tell them you need more time to make a decision. I think the exception is, of course, if the program that you already have an offer from is you're first choice--in that case, I'd go ahead and accept and not wait on the other program. If the one you're waiting on is the one you prefer, then you could say something like: "Although I hoped to be able to make a decision by mid-March, I am still waiting to hear from another program. I am sorry to keep you and those on the waitlist waiting. I am still very interested in your program. I will be sure to give you an decision as soon as I am able to, by April 15th." You can be honest--they understand that this kind of thing happens!
  8. April 15th is about a month away now! 😮 Any other waitlisters freaking out a little?!
  9. Congrats on your acceptance!!! I don't think that they'll perceive your excitement as accepting the offer, unless you say that you're accepting the offer and sign paperwork. So I wouldn't worry about that! I might say something expressing your thanks and excitement, and then say something like "I will be sure to give you a decision by April 15th." Of course they know that, but throwing that in there makes it clear that you're not yet accepting. I don't think you need to disclose the other interview, because they'll assume that you have decisions to make or other interviews to still attend.
  10. Here's my opinion: My advisor recommended that I not contact my POI after the initial response to their waitlist email. Some POIs perceive it as pushy (and could cut you for that) because they can't do anything until they hear from the applicant who they offered the spot to. So, I personally wouldn't email them again. I think the one exception may be if you've been admitted to another program since being waitlisted at your top choice, and you could update your POI with that info/reiterate that they're your 1st choice/ask for an update for decision-making purposes (maybe). I know waiting isn't fun! Good luck!
  11. It's hard not to freak about this kind of thing, right? Sending positivity your way. Did you interview with them? If so, here's what I would think about this all. Either: (1) Your POI is still decision making, and they haven't sent out an offer yet. Different faculty make decisions at different times, so the offers you saw could have been for different POIs. (2) Your POI has sent out an offer to their first choice applicant and you're waitlisted. I wouldn't jump to rejection yet!!
  12. I think that's totally reasonable to tell your POI too! They understand. If I was writing the email, I'd reiterate your gratitude and how hard of a decision it was for you (if that's true), and that you hope this will open up a spot for another student on the waitlist. Good luck! It can be hard telling POIs that you're declining their offer.
  13. I second what Keyz said! My experience has been the same where sometimes POIs reply, and other times not. I've been waitlisted with a reply and with no reply. Try not to worry about it (though I know it's hard not to over-analyze everything while waiting)!
  14. I saw two people saying they were declining Auburn offers on the results page. Could you please message me your POI? Congrats on being accepted!
  15. Ah, gotcha 😕 Good luck! Waiting is the absolute worst!!
  16. I saw a few people post about the Rutgers PsyD program on the results page. I'm not sure about the PhD program.
  17. Yes! I think it's totally appropriate. I would say something like: "Dear Dr. ________, I hope that this message finds you well! I am hoping to inquire about my status post-interview. I remain very interested in your research and attending _______ University. Thank you!"
  18. Ah, sorry. I was thinking you meant Charlotte. Good luck!
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