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  1. @curlyq177 I haven't officially accepted the offer, but after a conversation with a professor today, I'm pretty darn sure that I'm going to Penn State. I'm going to live alone (with my dog), so I'm not looking for roommates, but I would be interested in connecting with other Penn State people.
  2. Declining University of Kansas, University of Iowa, University of Oregon, Idaho State (Meridian), Portland State, and Purdue today. Good luck, everyone!
  3. Thanks, these are good thoughts. I visited Nebraska and I don't have a great gut-feeling about it, but I haven't visited Penn State (only talked to a student and professors over the phone), so I may very well have the same gut-feeling about it if I had visited. I know neither town is ideal for me (I really don't enjoy sports and both are HUGE football towns), but I got a better feeling from talking to professors at Penn State. I'm also worried about the work commitment after graduation-- what if I find out that working in schools is not a good fit for me and then I end up stuck in a job I h
  4. I heard this past week, but it's a very specific grant that I applied for (I think they can fund two students). I don't know about how assistantships work or when they will be given out. It's frustrating how late funding is given out and how opaque the process is! Good luck with your decision.
  5. TL;DR: Do I choose the closer school with the better funding offer or the school with my dream program, okay funding, and a less-than-ideal location? First off, I am super fortunate to have been accepted into grad school, and especially to have received funding offers. I should be thrilled. However, right now I am sick to my stomach with the realization that I have zero idea how to make this decision. I feel like I'll have made the wrong decision whichever one I choose. Any wisdom/strategies/psychic advice is welcome. I have less than two weeks to decide and I'm really torn. I haven
  6. I was accepted but will only attend if offered funding. (I'm out-of-state and it's too expensive at full price.)
  7. So glad this thread exists! It can be pretty hard to find information about which schools give funding and I was looking for a list like this when trying to decide where to apply. I have pretty strong stats (GRE: 169/162, GPA: 3.93) and a somewhat unusual background for the field. I'm a Washington state resident. I'm still hearing back from schools, but so far the schools that I know will be affordable due to funding are: University of Nebraska-Lincoln (combination of assistantship and fellowship should fully cover tuition for two years, plus stipend should cover cost of living, so b
  8. The best place to ask this might be the Facebook group for the program. I did the program, but I did it in a different order and number of classes per semester than recommended, so I'm probably not the right person to ask. If you search in the group, a lot of people have asked similar question-- I used it to figure out which courses to pair by workload.
  9. This is a big concern for me too. A lot of the programs I applied to specifically for a chance at funding. I looked for programs that have grants, fellowships, and assistantships that I am qualified for and have an okay shot at getting. My back-up is a school that has low in-state tuition. It's not actually in my state, but I can get in-state tuition through the Western Regional Graduate Program. I'm not sure if other regions have similar programs, but it's a way to get in-state tuition at schools outside of my state. I emailed a professor there about his research and he pretty much
  10. No clue about waves, but I got two emails. The first one came this morning (basically just "Congratulations, you're accepted") and the second came this afternoon just saying to check the portal. The portal was updated with the acceptance sometime between when the first and second email were sent. I hope that makes sense.
  11. I looked at the posts again and they're all from several (4-5) years ago, so hopefully things have changed! It might have been a weird transition period or something. That's what I hope.
  12. I also applied. I talked to a professor there over video chat and she seemed like someone I'd really like to work with. I also enjoy Portland as a city and have had friends who went there for undergrad and loved how diverse PSU was. However, I've read on a few forums that the department is super disorganized and kind of a mess ☹️ This is all second-hand information, so who knows if it's true, but it's making me a bit hesitant about the program. Maybe someone here has more direct experience.
  13. @flowerbloom Thanks so much for responding! Bummer about funding (and probably a deal-breaker assuming I get funding anywhere else), but it sounds like you had a good experience. This is not exactly on topic, but I noticed that you also got into Purdue. Was there a reason you preferred U Iowa over Purdue? I haven't heard back from Purdue but they're kind of in the same category for me out of the schools I applied to (Midwest, good reputation, relatively selective, research-focused, etc.).
  14. Since I don't see a recent one, I wanted to start a thread for people accepted to the University of Iowa SLP MA program. I'm especially interested to hear the experiences of those who go to the Visit Day (when it happens), because I won't be able to make it. Also, if there are any current/former students on here, I'd love to get your take on the program. Here are a few questions I have so far: 1. How would you describe the feel/vibe of the program? Is it high-pressure? Relaxed? Supportive? Competitive? 2. What's your impression of how common funding (RA/TA/grants) is? If you
  15. I just sent in my seventh application out of eight and feeling both relieved and anxious about the wait for results. - Where are you from? I'm from Seattle but did my undergrad in Connecticut. I'm aiming for relatively low cost-of-living cities for grad school, so I'll likely end up in the Midwest, which will be new for me. As long as there's a dog park (and preferably snow in the winter), I'll probably be content. - Which programs are you applying to? Here's the list in random order: University of Kansas University of Nebraska, Lincoln University of Iow
  16. I know I'm shooting for the moon here, but in my wildest dreams I would love to not drown in debt in the process of getting an SLP MA. I'd love to hear from anyone who has gotten full (or nearly full) funding, whether through an outside scholarship, fellowship, assistantship, etc. I'd like to know the specifics of the school/funding source, amount of funding, and why you think you got that funding. Also, if you care to tell me how realistic this dream is, my stats are below. I know stats aren't everything but I guess it'll give you an idea. I'm open to any school but partial to the we
  17. @cowgirlsdontcry Thanks for the reply! I am definitely not a party person and don't drink (not for moral or religious reasons, I just don't enjoy it). I also went to school in Connecticut where the winters are often considered miserable (though perhaps not as much the winters in that area of Utah), and I'm not particularly bothered by it. I'm generally an introvert and spend a lot of my time playing with my dog and reading. Maybe this is a weirdly specific question, but do you know if Logan is generally bikeable (other than when there's snow on the ground)? I much prefer biking to driving
  18. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I graduated from college in May and I'm seriously considering getting an SLP master's. I'm working right now to save money, but, according to my calculations, the closest program to me (University of Washington) would force me to rack up 40k+ of debt. I would prefer to limit my debt to 20k if possible, especially since I would love to work in a high-need public school district that isn't necessarily the best paying. Here's a bit more about me: graduated in May from Yale University with a BA in linguistics (so I'd n
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