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  1. A couple of weeks back I was sure I was destined to be completely shut out, now I'm on half of the waiting lists of schools I applied to. So basically Im sort on feeling good, sort of feeling like hot trash. Like wow...youre almost there but not quite. What a feeling.
  2. You're completely right! They probably get 200 applications who all of course say "Youre my top choice", so simply stating "You're my #1" falls short on *why* just exactly they are. I would say towards the end of your app to answer exactly that: WHY they stood out enough for you to apply. I usually list at least 3 serious & in-depth things about the program that I believe fits my interests, work experiences and/or education and explain the connection so they can read just WHY they are important to me (by serious and in-depth, I mean not that you 'love Miami' but instead maybe the location
  3. My top choice placed me on their alternate interview list and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was common for the alternate list to be used?? I've asked this question before and received indirect answers where people ask me about the school's popularity (The school is not a Top 50 program. I'm sure the max of applications they receive are significantly smaller than Yale, or Berkeley). As this choice is my top choice, I'm super worried about not getting a chance to at least interview and say I gave it my best shot.
  4. TammyTams

    Corvallis, OR

    Small. Background: I'm from DC and lived in Philly for a bit (I'm trying to hint at I'm used to living in the city and that this post might come off as snooty but I'm just being honest :/ ). I got accepted to a PhD program at UofOregon and decided to give the state of Oregon a visit. A friend and I drove through Corvallis from Eugene as we were heading to the coast (because there's straight shot highway that's a 50 mile stretch in between the two campuses) and we both agreed that Corvallis was.....boring. Like extremely boring and I don't think the overcast weather helps it's case.
  5. ^I was told to get a Masters simply to improve my chances of getting into a PhD program *because* my GPA was too low. Getting a Masters has helped at least put me into the waitlist lane instead of flat out rejected. So if you're grades are subpar or your GRE scores just aren't it, I'd definitely apply for a Masters (which is also, waaaaaaay easier to get into). If not, save your time and go for a PhD.
  6. Graduate Institution: Drexel University "Major": Family Therapy, concentration in Cultural Competency GPA: 3.71 Undergrad Institution: West Virginia (is the best Virginia) UniversityMajor(s): Child Development and Family StudiesMinor(s): Psychology, SpanishGPA in Major: 3.2Overall GPA: 2.71Position in Class: N/AType of Student: Domestic, FemaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 137V: 146W: 3.5B: N/ATOEFL Total: N/AResearch Experience: WVU in Educational Psychology lab. Presented poster in Research Forum, awarded best in Undergraduate Research, Literature ReviewsAwards/Honors/R
  7. Hey! What schools did you apply too, if you don't mind me asking!
  8. Sorry for talking right past your question but usually the online portal (that you may have to set up via a link once the school processes your submitted application) will update you once they receive your GRE from ETS. BUT there were two schools I did have to email after a few weeks bc the portal SWORE they had yet to receive my scores and after a few emails to the department they were able to find the scores. So yes, if you notice there is something that is still not logged on the online portal, despite having sent it weeks ago, email them bc chances are it's laying around in the office unno
  9. Hey guys! By the grace of Michael Jackson my apps are all finally complete (Soooo much anxiety up until the last recommendation was submitted...late...today...at 3:37pm). This is my second round applying to PhD programs and I've definitely become more flexible in choosing programs and more specific in my interests. Regardless of what I learned from my first round of applications, I'm terrified. Luckily my job keeps me busy 95% of the time from 8am -4:45pm, so I haven't been able to check my phone 767 times a day....but whenever I take the slightest break, I think about it and check the re
  10. Depends on the school! A few of the schools I applied too (they were much smaller programs btw) sent out weekly this-is-what-youre-missing emails but I'm pretty sure they're automatically done by the system. I did notice that the larger, more popular schools did not. Regardless, most schools leave it up to you to send everything in and follow-up via email if something is missing (1. Thats unless they tell you to not email them, then don't. OK State flat out posts a notice saying they won't answer emails and 2. Just last week I had to email a department to hunt down my GRE scores. It took 2 day
  11. So the program I am most interested in states on their "Criteria for Applicants" page that they are willing to overlook their GRE "requirement for at least 40% minimum" if an applicant is exceptional in other areas. This is for a Counseling-Clinical Psych program and luckily I've been working as a therapist and have research experience, a great GPA and (hopefully) great LORs. But, as someone with super low Q scores and V & A scores that meet the minimum or close, I'm nervous. Mainly because the Graduate department website states you MUST meet their minimum of 40%, unless the program requir
  12. I'm probably the 1,766th person to say it but...I am so nervous about this rounds of apps. This is my second time applying to PhD programs. Last year was a waste of money and time but I've learned from the majority of my mistakes. I'm just terrified I won't get the chance to interview and prove myself and then boom...years later, I'll still be applying. Meaaaaanwhile, I have associates who just wanted the 'doctor' title and not do the actual work. They got into programs just to flunk out the first quarter. Both of them. Those are sacred spots in PhD programs that other, SERIOUS people could've
  13. You're completely right. I'll send my other reference an email tonight! Thank you for the push!!
  14. I was debating this but I'm unable to change my recommendations because the application has closed. I also debated emailing my other recommender to submit via email to the department but I almost feel as if I've asked him for too much (I've also recently used him for job recommendations) and Im afraid to ask for anything else :/ so I may wait it out until Monday and if there's no response then email my other recommender...I just wish I didn't have to worry about this.
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