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  1. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Thanks for the info! That is what I applied under and I am assuming radio silence on my end can only mean one thing....
  2. MPH@GW - fishy? legit? 2U...

    I did an online program (University of New England's MPH) but I am an employee of the University and got my degree for a severely reduced cost. That being said, I would definitely not recommend UNE for anyone who wasn't getting a steep discount, but I cannot speak to any other program. I will say that community building was extremely limited in my online MPH. The most sense of community was in a Facebook group. I do not know how GWU's courses are structured, but in my program each course had a course designer and several adjunct instructors who basically were graders. There was very little consistency across adjunct instructors. Some were stellar, gave detailed, personalized feedback, and helped facilitate discussions. Others were radio silent and basically just graded assignments (at one point I thought a professor had died or been arrested because he stopped grading assignments totally). If there were discrepancies between the course syllabus and that week's module, often my instructor had to ask the course designer for clarification. To me this speaks volumes about the fact that these courses were delivered by graders as opposed to instructors. I would really look into how courses are delivered. Find the Facebook page and see what students are saying. Ask to be connected with current students and instructors in the program. See if you can find any accreditation documentation (not sure if these are made public). Right as I was graduating, my program's accreditation totally went down the pooper and now they are in a process of amending some serious issues - lack of student governance being one of them. I totally understand the merit of online programs. I would not have gotten an MPH and be interviewing with PhD programs today without online graduate programs. I think if you do some more background research and really look into what you are hoping to get out of the program - a degree vs. strong community, research options, networking options - you will be able to make a good decision for you. P.S. I found it really difficult to get strong LORs from faculty in my program. When I would ask for them the response was "I don't know if I know enough about you..." and I was like "I took two courses with you which is the most faculty consistency for me in this whole program!" If there are a lot of adjunct faculty, expect a lot of one-off professors which once again limits your ability to make meaningful connections with faculty.
  3. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Congrats! Is your interview with Columbia for Sociomedical Sciences or a different program? If it is sociomedical sciences, which sub-field did you apply under and when did you get invited to interview?
  4. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Definite silver lining lol!!!! Best of luck with the rest of your apps. Let us all pray this agonizing journey ends soon!
  5. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Same here! Thanks for the heads up (I have been checking practically on the hour). Disappointing but it was definitely a reach!
  6. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I was accepted without an interview, so I didn't get to ask the question myself, but did they indicate a timeline for finding out about fellowships? I applied for the Scholarship deadline, but have received no information about what that even means. Yeah, this school is my failsafe at this point. I love Austin so much that I am willing to work full/part-time and take evening classes where available until I can learn more about funding. That is if everything else falls through!
  7. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hi, I got accepted there and like you I am very confused and disheartened by their communication and funding options. I actually accepted just so I could learn about funding, but the answers was "you will learn more about funding during orientation." Feel free to PM me to discuss further! I was also told that GA/TAs for incoming students are very limited as faculty want to work with established students.
  8. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Thanks! I will definitely come up with some easily retrievable answers to some of the questions above. Also, thanks for the ideas for questions. I always find that is the most difficult part for me and I will definitely ask about funding!
  9. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hi, I've been quiet on this board but lurking. Anyway, I have an interview this Friday with UW-Milwaukee (I think I am the only person on this board who applied there) and was looking for any interview advice (dos/donts, typical questions, things you wish you had known before your interview). I am scheduled for 90 minutes with 3 different professors (30 minutes each) via kinda anxious! Also, I noticed Columbia's Sociomedical Sciences has been sending out decisions (rejections) since last Friday at least. I am wondering if anyone here wants to claim those and if so, which sub-specialty did you apply under? I am hoping to get in under the Sociology umbrella. Also not so patiently awaiting word from JHU Health, Behavior & Society!
  10. Thanks for the advice! I am going to reach out to current students for clarification. It definitely raised red flags and was a disappointing turn of events to receive the TA/GA info from the program and no clarity when I asked a follow up question. Here is to hoping another program accepts me!
  11. Thanks for the point of view! I guess I am a little nervous that this will be my only offer (just turned down yesterday from a more competitive program) and I want to get a head start on understanding whether I can actually attend/pursue a PhD. I will be leaving full-time employment and I guess I feel like waiting until closer to deadline might leave me with a lot of loose ends in a short time frame. I think I will sit on this a bit and see what happens with the other programs. I should likely know within the next 4-6ish weeks what my prospects are. I still haven't received my official acceptance via mail which my original acceptance email stipulated was headed my way, so perhaps that will have more information but I have been waiting nearly 8 weeks for that!
  12. I was recently accepted to a program with no word on funding. Received a follow-up email with the following wording: Financing Graduate Education at UTHealth School of Public Health TA/GA positions: Once an applicant has been admitted and they have elected to accept our admissions offer, they may request access to our JobOps portal through our Career Coordinator at to view what positions are available and they can apply. Feel free to review the attached link on Financial Assistance. Lastly, once you are a student for a semester, you are able to apply to our current student scholarships to help fund your education. Please note: Being awarded a New Student Scholarship of $1,000 or more and/or a GA/TA position within UTHealth, may make a student eligible for in resident tuition. Me again: So basically, I have to accept their offer to get access to a list of open TA/GA positions. I emailed for further clarification about basics of the TA/GA positions - tuition waiver, stipends, etc. - but I just got another email with the same information above. I feel a bit like I am being forced to accept prior to knowing if I can afford to actually join the program. If that is how the program wants to run things, that is fine, but is this a normal process/procedure? I am planning to accept just so I can find out if I can even afford to attend, but it feels disingenuous as I am still waiting for responses from six other programs.
  13. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    First rejection: WashU Public Health Sciences! Less painful than I thought it would be (not in my top 3 schools). Just a generic email. Anyway, 1 admit, 1 reject...6 to go!
  14. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    No word on funding yet. I did apply by December 1st which was called the Scholarship deadline. It said that if you applied for the March deadline that funding would only be offered if still available, so I assume there will be some funding offer. I just received an informal email about my acceptance and my UTH applicant portal reflects that I was accepted. I was told that I would receive more information in "coming weeks." It has been over a month now.