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  1. BL16

    Final Decisions / Accepting Offers Fall 2018!

    I forgot to mention that I was also accepted to Stanford and declined.
  2. BL16

    Final Decisions / Accepting Offers Fall 2018!

    Stalnaker's solution to the problem of logical omniscience.
  3. BL16

    Final Decisions / Accepting Offers Fall 2018!

    (I'm pretty sure all this information can be found somewhere in the forum, but I guess a summary could be helpful.) I've accepted NYU's offer. I've declined offers from Ohio State, Northwestern, Michigan, UCLA, Toronto, Yale, Pittsburgh, Harvard, Princeton, Oxford (BPhil), USC, Rutgers, U-Conn and UT-Austin. I've taken myself off the following waitlists: MIT, Columbia, CUNY and UNC.
  4. BL16

    Writing Samples Request

    I can share mine (phil of language). Just PM me.
  5. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

    Thanks, and good luck!
  6. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

    Yes, indeed
  7. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

    Declined Rutgers' offer. And that's it for me this season.
  8. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

  9. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

    Although I withdrew my application a few days ago, I received an email saying I was waitlisted at UNC. I asked to remove myself from the list.
  10. BL16

    Unknown LAC to good Phd program

    I go to an Israeli school, and I was accepted to sixteen departments (including NYU, Rutgers, Oxford, Princeton...), waitlisted at three, rejected from one and withdrew one application before getting an answer (which would have been either reject or waitlist).
  11. BL16

    MIT accepted/waitlisted

    That was me. Good luck!
  12. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

    Phil of lang
  13. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

    Removed myself from MIT's waitlist.
  14. BL16

    Declining Offers 2018

    Declined offers from UCLA, USC, Oxford (BPhil) and Stanford.
  15. BL16

    UCLA Waitlist

    I'm accepted and will be probably declining. My AOI is phil of lang.

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