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  1. gallimimus

    SOPHAS Letter of Recommendation

    "Accepted" means that they clicked on the link in the request email and created an account. It should say "completed" once they submit the LOR.
  2. gallimimus

    Irvine, CA

    I just started at UCI and I moved from NYC! Compared to NYC, the prices are generally more reasonable and there are plenty of safe areas. I personally live on campus for now, but I know plenty of people who live elsewhere and are happy. You definitely want a car to get around here, which in some ways is a negative, especially if you enjoyed the public transit in/around NYC. On the other hand, it gives you the flexibility to expand your housing search to fit your criteria.
  3. gallimimus

    SOPHAS application and GRE test scores

    1 - It's been a while since I took the GRE, but I'm pretty sure they provide you with a list to choose from for schools. 2 - Most schools on SOPHAS have a specific GRE code that means the score will go to SOPHAS and the school. The application site for all of your schools should have specific instructions on which code to use.
  4. gallimimus

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I applied to UW-Milwaukee for an EHS PhD this past cycle, which is a relatively new program. From that experience, I figure the upside is that they're excited to build their program and really invest in their students. Ultimately I chose another program that had been more of a frontrunner for me from the start, but my interactions with UW were overwhelmingly positive. The downside will more than likely be funding related. I can't speak for every program, but in this case, there was not a lot of guaranteed funding although several professors I spoke with assured me that I could get funding through my lab once I committed. In terms of credibility, I think as long as the university itself is decent, the newness of the program is not something to really worry about. More important than the name recognition of the program is that there are faculty you'd be really excited to work with and who would be great PhD mentors and advocates.
  5. gallimimus

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    You definitely want to be specific enough that it's clear you have a good understanding of the field and are intellectually curious. Talk about the broader questions you're interested in and maybe mention some specific strategies you could use to address them, but remember that you're not writing a grant proposal. Once in your PhD program, you will only have so much freedom to design your project yourself, obviously being somewhat constrained by your PI's research scope. Talking about your personal interests is key is determining fit and how committed you are to the research, but I think the most important thing to convey is your understanding of the field and that you are flexible and creative enough to follow where the research takes you.
  6. Is anybody else stressed out by a lack of information? I committed to a school and received confirmation as well as info to apply to campus housing, but I haven't really heard anything directly from my department specifically. Maybe I'm just anxious to get back to school and get started and I guess the fall semester is still a bit far away at this point but I guess I expected a little more communication. As of now I'm not even sure when orientation dates are or if I'm expected to register for classes over the summer or wait until I get to campus or anything. Is this normal?
  7. gallimimus

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I second this! I agonized over mine for months and it was totally worth it when several people I met with on the interview day for the school I eventually chose commented on how much they liked my SOP and how well written it was. Your grades, your CV, and to some extent your GRE scores are things you can't really change, but the SOP is the only part of the application you have complete control over. A PhD is such a significant undertaking as opposed to a master's and the admissions committee really needs to get the sense that you're passionate and driven enough to handle it. I know some people pay for professional editing, which may be worth it in some cases (especially if English is not a strong language for you) but I didn't feel like that was necessary and I didn't want my voice to get drowned out. Definitely get several people to take a look at it, and take their considerations seriously, but keep in mind what angle they're coming from. I had a friend of mine who recently successfully applied to PhD programs in clinical psych read mine and she was really helpful in assessing the structure and the voice, but obviously couldn't really speak to my research area. My current boss read it and has experience in admissions on the master's level in my field which was great, and I didn't apply to this university so there was no conflict of interest or anything there. And then finally, my mom read it and thought it was perfect (not helpful, but a great mood booster in the middle of a stressful time).
  8. gallimimus

    Irvine, CA

    I believe June 1st
  9. gallimimus

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I was just accepted into Pitt's EOH PhD program. It was one of my top 2-3 choices going into the application season, but obviously since it is after April 15th, I had already accepted another offer. My question is: how seriously should I consider this offer?
  10. gallimimus

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Agreed. When it comes to programs, I think the rankings are influenced more heavily by the masters programs, which I think are generally more quantifiably "good" or "bad". For doctoral training, I based my decision most heavily on mentorship and research fit rather than the quality of the program.
  11. If I'm being honest, I think you know the answer to your question but you're looking for validation. And that's fair! It seems like if you chose Program A, it would be because of how your mentor feels, not how you feel. When it comes down to it, this is your life and your future and your career on the line here. You will be much better off if you're in a program that is set up to help you succeed, which it seems like Program B is. Your current mentor seems intimidating and also a bit of a bully and I get that you might be afraid to burn that bridge. That being said, I'm almost 100% sure his "personality quirks" are known to others within the field, including maybe some of your potential mentors at Program B, and if you ever find yourself having to explain why there is bad blood between you and this mentor, I think people would understand. Threatening to take you off your current projects is petty and vindictive and you say he is your biggest advocate but everything else in your post indicates that he doesn't care about what's best for you at all. It's going to be awkward and somewhat painful, but you will be so much better off at Program B.
  12. gallimimus

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I like to think that no news is good news! When I interviewed, it took 3 weeks to hear back, which sucked but I would also assume if they didn't want you they would have told you right away. Think positive! You got this!!
  13. gallimimus

    My GRE score expires this July

    Application periods generally open up in August so I would say you need to retake, unfortunately. One of the programs I applied to actually even required that GRE scores be within 3 years, not 5.
  14. gallimimus

    New York, NY

    I'm not familiar with NYU specifically, so I'll just speak to general NYC apartment hunting. It's possible NYU has a dedicated off campus housing website where you can find apartments and also roommates. I've also personally had decent luck with (believe it or not) Facebook groups. Look up Gypsy Housing and there might be a group for NYU students as well. A lot of the posts are sublets but there's a decent number of people looking to fill rooms in apartments they already have which is great because you can avoid a broker fee! NYU is also in a decent location which makes it not so difficult to commute from cheaper places like Brooklyn, Queens, or even Jersey City. The subway and buses are super convenient, but check out future construction schedules (definitely avoid living near the L, as it's going to be completely shut down for repairs starting early next year).
  15. gallimimus

    Irvine, CA

    I'm attending UC Irvine starting this fall for an Environmental Health Sciences PhD. I was accepted by the department over 6 weeks ago but haven't received the notice through the graduate school. I reached out and they said they were just behind on the paperwork they need to submit. I'm just annoyed because I want to submit my housing application!

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