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  1. In undergrad, I was very involved in Greek life, and I was the president of the presiding body which essentially put on recruitment. I had to take the subject test on the morning of the final night of sorority recruitment, which I had to put on. I stayed up until 3 the night before to do numbers matching and then woke up at 5 to get ready for the test. It was crazy stressful but hey, you get through it (and you get alcohol at the end of it!). I personally wouldn't worry too much, I don't think the GRE subject is really going to make or break your apps. If you have a strong SoP and WS, you'll likely be fine.
  2. I would like to point out that I think UK's English Dept does competitive funding. I'm from Lexington, KY, and I know someone who entered into the English program this year and he said not everyone was funded. Though Cotton Joe did specify that there were varying degrees of funding at each place, just wanted to emphasize that unlike somewhere like Alabama which funds all of its MAs, UK does not.
  3. For sure! Just message me your email address and I'll send it over ☺️
  4. You are definitely not alone! Sending you good vibes
  5. Thank you for the reassurance! It's helpful to hear others' experience (especially that it's going to get easier haha)
  6. If you send me an email address (feel free to message me), I can share
  7. I would be happy to send you my SoP! I'm not in a Ph.D program, but I am in a funded Master's (and I did get accepted to a Ph.D program with it)!
  8. Thank you for the support and validation ❤️ I needed to hear this right now
  9. Hi everyone, I just started my program, and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed already, so I was wondering if anyone else just starting is feeling that way/felt that way when they started and can commiserate, esp in regards to teaching. My actual classes haven't begun yet, but I'm currently in my training for teaching. Every day it seems like they spring new requirements on us, and it's starting to really wear on me. And classes haven't even begun! But I'm worried about being able to manage my time while also having SOME time for myself. I wasn't even supposed to be teaching this year--when I was admitted I was told I would work in the writing center. Then suddenly, they tell me that I'll be teaching, not just TAing, but teaching my own class. I've also moved across the country and away from my support system and I recently got out of a very toxic, emotionally abusive relationship which I'm still kind of reeling from. Bottom line is just that my anxiety is building and I'm having difficulties sleeping, so I guess I'm just searching for people who understand what this feels like so that I don't feel completely nuts haha
  10. University of Alabama offers full funding to all of their incoming MAs (and their department is super nice!). Syracuse University (where I'm attending) is also a fully funded program, though they have limited funding spots. But they usually do cycle through a lot of students, which is why they typically accept more students than they can fund.
  11. About to turn down a spot in LSU's PhD program--hope this helps someone out!
  12. I'll be there for an MA in English lit!
  13. Thank you! That's very helpful.I'll reach out to a prof that I have had contact with. Also, thank you all for your help again, but just to update: I got funding at Syracuse! Also in an unexpected plot twist, I got off the waitlist at LSU's PhD program! So will not be taking a year off
  14. I would definitely give their DGS or Grad Coordinator a call if they haven't responded to email. There's one program I've communicated with that is terrible at emails, but they're really great over the phone! That might give you a little more info, though you might need to try a couple times or leave a message because departments are so busy this time of year.
  15. Thank you so much for saying this. I really appreciate being validated because I know my family will think I'm totally crazy if I don't accept this offer (which I have been thinking myself to be honest). The more I've been thinking about it, the more appealing a year off sounds (though obviously there are cons). Your personal experience also is helpful in weighing my decision, because like you I would prefer to go straight back in to academics. Wow, that's a really great idea! I hadn't though of that, but I will definitely do so regardless of if I take a year off or accept UA's offer. Do you know who the best person to contact about that would be? Should I ask the DGS to point me in the right direction? That definitely eases my worries. I've been going back and forth a lot on whether or not I think it would be "prudent" (whatever that means) to accept, and I definitely change my mind because I feel like I know little about grad programs. Your insight is very valuable, thank you! Thank you so much to everyone who has responded. I will say, I do really like UA's program and all the people I've met. My biggest hesitation is just that I like Syracuse's program better and I think it fits better with my interests. That being said, I do think I would be happy and successful at UA. I have talked with the DGS at Syracuse this morning, and I am currently first on the list (there is at least one person who has yet to commit, but I'm not sure if there are other available spots). I'm really hoping I'll be funded there and be able to avoid this dilemma. But regardless, thank you to each of you who helped me work through my thoughts and gave me more info! I really appreciate it.
  16. I would DEFINITELY email them and see what's going on. Also you could check the results board to see if other people have received acceptances/rejections/etc. That's horrible though, I'm so sorry you're in that situation! Very nerve wracking.
  17. Got off the phone with my top choice about an hour ago, and they told me I am number one. They said they were calling another student they made an offer to (idk if they were calling to make the offer or calling to check on the offer). Fingers crossed that I get off the waitlist!
  18. Just got off the phone with Syracuse and they said I am first in line on the waitlist for funding! They are calling someone now either to make an offer/check on the offer before they can make me an offer. I really, really, really love this program, so if you're the person who the offer is being made to and you're unsure about this program, please decline!!
  19. I am having a dilemma on what to do. I can't decide if I'm just panicked and overwhelmed because the decision deadline is so soon, but I would really appreciate anyone's insights. So I'm an undergraduate, and I've been accepted with full funding to University of Alabama for an MA. I've been accepted but waitlisted for funding at Syracuse for an MA. I've been accepted to Rochester's MA and given their highest funding offer (50% tuition). I've also been waitlisted at LSU's PhD program. I recently visited both UA and Syracuse. I really liked UA's program when I visited. The professors I met with were very intelligent and helpful, I really liked Tuscaloosa, and I generally got good vibes from everyone there. Everyone was really kind and genuinely seemed like they wanted me to do well and make the right decision for me. However, I am a 19th centuryist, and they don't have a huge amount of people in my field. They have two professors I really like and would enjoy working with, and they apparently have just hired Dan Novak, a Victorianist from Ole Miss, so there will be three. However, their Victorianist, who I would like to be my advisor if I attend is going on sabbatical in the Spring. The teaching load is also intense, being 2/2. I am also wary about Southern politics and its defunding of education (though UA seems to me like they have a lot of money, based on conference funding, grants, etc.). Also, I am inclined not to be swayed by ranking, which I do think is arbitrary, they are a lower ranked program and have lower placement rates. My overall goal is to go on to PhD programs and go into academia, and I know that the job market is really competitive, so I don't wanna shoot myself in the foot early on. I loved Syracuse's program. They have so many professors in my field, and my top three interests (19th century British, gender and sexuality, and genre/pop fiction) are big in their program. I liked the location, and I would like to move to the Northeast because I am very liberal and there's a lot more there. I connected really well with their professors and students, and I really think I could do really awesome work there and the program would give me a lot of resources to grow academically. Also, their placement rate is AWESOME, and the program sometimes accepts their MAs into their PhD program, which is nice. I should say that I initially applied for Rochester's PhD program and got deferred to their MA program, which I was accepted to. A couple of weeks ago, I emailed Rochester's DGS and let her know I would not be attending the program because of funding. Today, I got a response from her, saying she was sorry for the lateness of her reply, and that she hopes I will reapply to Rochester for their PhD program, because my application was "among the stronger applications that just barely missed this year’s cohort." Now I'm wondering if I took a year off and worked on my application if I would be able to strengthen it and get into programs that meet my interests more fully and have better placement. I also wonder if I could get accepted into a PhD program instead of an MA (which is what I ultimately want to do). Bottom line, if I get funding at Syracuse, I will definitely accept. But if I don't, I'm not sure if UA is the best offer for me, and I wonder if I should take a year off and reapply. But I'm also wondering if I'm just being snobby and ungrateful and I should accept UA's offer, especially because there's no guarantee I'll get an acceptance next year. What are your all's thoughts?
  20. Damn, y'all are being kind of hard on the OP. As an undergrad who comes from a generally uneducated family/background, I found the entire application process immensely confusing and difficult to understand its nuances. I have sympathy for you AbsurdLife, it's a difficult and emotional process. I personally am in a similar situation: I have a funded offer from a lower choice program, but I am waitlisted for funding at my top choice. My advice based on nothing more than my own sense of courtesy would be to call the DGS, explain your situation, and see what they're willing to do. I know most DGS I have encountered are very sympathetic and really want you to make a choice that's in your best interest. They obviously value you and want you to attend their program, but surely they don't want to trap people into their program when said students want to go somewhere else. That being said, I would prepare yourself in case they aren't flexible, and ask yourself how much you REALLY want to attend the other program and whether you're willing to bank on getting off the waitlist, no matter how likely it seems. That's the action I would personally take. Please do keep us updated!
  21. What do we think the odds are of universities giving an extension on the acceptance deadline? My first choice program has accepted me, but I'm waitlisted for funding, and I want to wait them out to see. But I have another funded offer that I will definitely attend if I don't get funding here. Thoughts?
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