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  1. Thank you for your answers. I received another acceptance. This time funding is even less guarenteed. However, they have a huge amount of difference in reputation and my research interests being in line, so I will prefer the new one. I dont know what to do. But I am hoping for the best.
  2. dilemmas

    "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    Hi everyone! I am starting a bus. analytics masters. I have been accepted by my second school which was my second choice school. My first choice school did not answer me yet. But this other school accepted me immediately after I applied, gave me a partial scholarship and graduate assistantship which is rare in masters programs and gave me so little time to give them an answer that I had to accept the offer. So early, I did not have any other offers. I have taken back my applications from schools that are lower choices for me from that one so only three remained. Now I like this new school so much better and it was a higher choice from the old one anyway. They have a huge difference in rankings and reputation, most importantly the research in the new school is so much better for me. I do not know about the funding yet. Assistantship is not definite, since I am a masters student I can only apply if they have a spot available. But I still want it. Now how am I going to say the other school I will not be coming? I feel really bad, but if they have given me more time I would not have to accept it prematurely. And the professor there was so nice..
  3. Hello, I I received an offer from a school with partial scholarship and a graduate assistantship. I asked them about the type of assistantship and the stipend, but they basically did not give me an answer. Just said that it can be either an RA or TA, 10h/w or 20h/w and the information of the amount that will be paid for assistantship is not available yet and only will be in May. I had to give them an answer in a short time, and since I did not hear back from the other schools yet I said yes. But I have no idea what I will get. This is in New York and a STEM field, but not a PhD and most of the things I have read through search is related to PhDs. I know I am lucky that I even got the offer since I am only doing masters. But I do not even know if the funding will cover tuition. And they are not answering my questions about this, I tried. They just say the information is not available. Was I not supposed to get a detailed offer letter? I prepared and sent my I20 form like there is no assistantship at all as they asked. But I do not know what to do as I am also waiting for other schools which will give me answers really late since I applied late.
  4. dilemmas

    Want to KILL my Professor

    I am about to finish my PhD, and I have been a TA for almost 7 years. (2masters+5PhD). I have worked with too lenient professors, too strict professors, and most troubling; I have worked with professors who would not eve bother to attend the lectures most of the time, canceling them with one reason or another and still being too strict on students because some of them have talked bad about them on social media or generally they want to prove that they are "hardcore" professors that needs to be feared and taken seriously. The only advise I can give you is; do not own the grading, do not own the class and do not own the course, do not own the students. They are not yours, but his. He can decide on whatever he wants as long as he is within his legal limits. Do it according to his wishes. In this changing of the grading scale situation, just inform him that this change might cause such problems with a level and nonemotional tone and let him decide. You will feel much better if you do not personalize it.
  5. I majored in Law, then did a masters again in Law, and after that did a PhD in Law, now I am starting a data science masters I think you have much more background than me. So you might have a better chance of getting accepted to a PhD program. But I think you need to work on programming more.
  6. I applied to the dual degree masters there and got an interview. A video interview. I was wondering the same thing with you.

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