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  1. TheCarbWhisperer

    Advice on shopping around for schools

    @hector549 Thank you for your insight! Much appreciated.
  2. TheCarbWhisperer

    Advice on shopping around for schools

    Hi hello! I'm a first-year MA student at a Canadian university. I'm getting an early start on collecting information for schools I'd like to apply to for my PhD. Broadly, my interest is in bioethics, especially in paediatrics, global health ethics etc. but I'd really love to do more work on altruism. I did a small undergrad thesis on the subject and I'd love to revisit the topic after my MA. The thing is that I don't know about a ton of American schools beyond the big names. Does anyone have advice on where I could/should look for someone whose interests may align with mine when it comes to the study of altruism? Thanks!
  3. TheCarbWhisperer

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Any word from McGill's MA in Bioethics?
  4. TheCarbWhisperer

    McGill Bioethics

    Hi, Has anyone heard from McGill's MA in Bioethics yet?

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