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  1. Thanks both! Have either of you thought about an MBA instead? I've been talking to some coworkers and friends and they've floated the idea of an MBA because of its versatility, and you can often take policy courses at other schools within the university/sister institutions. One good friend of mine was in the same policy/business debate and opted for her MBA. If so, I imagine there are specific MBA programs that are "softer" on business, and have policy or public finance concentrations. Interested in your thoughts.
  2. I have a good friend who was HKS '17. She was able to defer for professional reasons; she worked in ID and wanted to stay abroad for one more year. I know HKS isn't on your list, but it's at least possible at some schools. Not sure about funding, but I'd have to assume deferring wouldn't result in a reevaluation of funding in your favor. They'd hold your place at your current offer of admission and/or not be able to commit to funding levels next year (those allocations vary each year and aren't committed that far in the future). If you want to do the Fulbright and get additional fun
  3. Throwing my hat in the ring for 2019 matriculation. Any thoughts/pointers would be appreciated Program: MPP/MPA Schools Applying To: WWS, HKS - see below for concerns Interests: Domestic/urban policy - specifically economic development and government-business policy Undergrad Institution: Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude in biology from top 20 competitive liberal arts college (2010) Undergraduate GPA: 3.71 Grad Institution: Master's of City Planning from top 3 Ivy League program (2012) with a few fellowships/scholarships thrown in Graduate GPA: 3.73 GRE
  4. I thought I read on HKS's Admissions Blog (a post from 2016 I think) that they do not do rolling admission; has this changed? Anyone know what their policy is now/if there is a benefit to applying as early as possible?
  5. Hey everyone - I realize it's only April, but I figured I'd get started on the HKS thread for 2019 matriculation. A little about me: I'm a 2010 grad from a competitive small liberal arts college, 2012 masters in city planning from an ivy (both with honors), worked in public finance consulting for three years, now working as a civil servant in a policy office in transportation. I'm active in a few LGBT causes, and have a fellowship with a large, international professional organization that focuses on urban revitalization. I'm taking the GRE in August. I'm attracted to HKS and other MPP pr
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