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    Katims reacted to BellaMSW in Canada MSW 2020   
    Any one heard from York’s advanced MSW recently? Mine still says under consideration. 
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    Katims reacted to asingh25 in Canada MSW 2020   
    i got into yorks 2 year msw (edit: full-time, non-bsw)  no email received, main page on myfile looked the same but when i clicked application status, my status was changed to "admitted" under decision! yay
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    Katims reacted to Starfinger10 in Canada MSW 2020   
    I can confirm that this is 100% true. It's the WORST way to do us, especially during these times. When this is all over and I find out my status, I am going to complain. How does every other uni send out waitlist letters? WE ARE GETTING YORK'D Y'ALL
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    Katims reacted to Golden10 in Canada MSW 2020   
    I am also waiting to hear from Laurier online MSW Advanced standing. This will be my third time applying. 
    First time - declined - I was fresh out of school so that was expected. 
    Second time - Waitlisted - which did not end up moving due to the competitive nature of the program (they informed me that there were over 600 applications and I was 1 of 20 placed on the waitlist) 
    Fingers crossed for everyone! 
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    Katims reacted to Msw2020applicant in Canada MSW 2020   
    Has anyone heard back from York for the 2 year advance standing part time progra? I have been checking myfile daily for the last month and no change in consideration statuS
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    Katims reacted to Ihatethissomuch in Canada MSW 2020   
    So I’m not certain, but from what I’ve read on the forums if you don’t hear from York right away it means you’re waitlisted. Instead of notifying people they are waitlisted,  they keep the applications in a sort of limbo, and if a position becomes available you’ll be offered admission. If not, eventually you‘ll get a rejection. 
    It’s a pretty shitty way of doing it in my opinion, and I may be wrong - but that’s what it seems like from here. 
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    Katims reacted to katm149 in Canada MSW 2020   
    I’m in the exact same boat. I’ve been trying to research this but haven’t found anything, as of yet, I found a couple “working professional” programs but you need to have been at the place of employment for a while and need to have a letter of support from that organization. 
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    Katims got a reaction from katm149 in Canada MSW 2020   
    I’ve just been waitlisted at one school (Lakehead MSW) and I haven’t heard back yet from my other application (York Advanced Standing) .. I’m kinda trying to come up with a backup plan for if I don’t get in to either..
    Does anyone know of any MSW programs that start in January or later that have applications still open? (I am about to complete my BSW) 
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    Katims reacted to katm149 in Canada MSW 2020   
    hey guys !! has anyone heard back from Lakeheads MSW
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    Katims got a reaction from Klara_kay in Canadian MSW Applicants 2018   
    Anybody else still hanging in there on U of T's waitlist? 
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    Katims reacted to lindaMSW in Canadian MSW Applicants 2018   
    I just got off  the  U of T waitlist today!!!  Feel super excited and I literally cried for a hour ! I had been rejected by the university THREE TIMES and I finally made it into this year!!
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    Katims reacted to MSWApplicant17 in Canadian MSW Applicants 2018   
    I sent an email (I posted it below). Angela got back to me within minutes saying thank you and that my intention to stay on the waitlist is in my file now and there's no need to send the cut-off paper in. Hope that helps!
    Dear Factor-Inentash Faculty of Social Work,
    This email is to confirm that I, Alysha Bernstein-Sidenberg, wish to remain on the waitlist for the 2-year MSW this year. I will also be mailing in the cutoff sheet at the bottom of my waitlist letter but I thought I would take the opportunity to email as well. 
    Thank you so much for your continued consideration of my application. Although it is not likely, I hope to hear from you in the next few months.
    All the best on this rainy Wednesday.
    Alysha Danielle Bernstein-Sidenberg
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    Katims got a reaction from cmMSW in Canadian MSW Applicants 2018   
    I was planning on filling it out and scanning it unless anyone would suggest otherwise?
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    Katims reacted to cmMSW in Canadian MSW Applicants 2018   
    When people accepted the wait-list spot for UofT via email, did you attach a copy of form they wanted you to mail back, or just typed out all the information within the email? This is on of those things i'd rather not get wrong ! LOL 
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    Katims got a reaction from karisma in Canadian MSW Applicants 2018   
    Thought I'd do my first post since I found out I'm on the wait-list at U of T!
    This is exciting for me since I didn't get in at York and Western
    Fingers crossed!!
    Still waiting to hear from Laurier!
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