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    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Your GPA is obviously great and it sounds like you have some good research experience. Depending on your GRE and how well you're able to speak to your research fit in your personal statement, you can certainly be competitive at those programs. I would definitely expand your pool of schools and try not to limit yourself geographically. Your list is full of schools in major cities that have enormous applicant pools, particularly BU and Fordham. Try to build your list up to 10-15 programs, and sprinkle in some slightly less competitive schools -- all of the schools on your list have minuscule acceptance rates. It's hard to say what your chances are because research fit is so crucial. You've certainly checked necessary boxes so far. If you're not successful next cycle, schools will definitely offer you a spot in their masters programs. Definitely do not attend a master's program, as you'll see a limited benefit based on your GPA. Look for a full-time research position in your chosen area.
  2. Jung Boy

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Sorry to hear you didn't have any luck this cycle. I have similar stats to you and will be applying for the 2nd time next fall as well. Did you get any feedback from programs about your application? Also, how did you like St. John's? I've had them high on my list but the funding might not be enough for me. I tend to think based on your research interest, you should be able to find at least a loose research match at most programs. You may find the most luck at counseling programs over clinical programs, as historically they emphasize multiculturalism slightly more. Also you're more likely to get significant transfer credit at a counseling program than a clinical program.

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