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  1. Anyone have info about university of Colorado-Boulder? I saw they sent out interviews and some rejections. Haven’t heard squat
  2. I've seen rejection posts on the results page for a few places I applied to and I haven't received a rejection yet through email or the portal. Part of me knows that it is only a matter of time before I receive the rejection notice, but part of me is clinging to the last thread of hope.
  3. I know for those who were waitlisted, OHSU said they would send decisions in early February. I'm guessing they will get back to people who interviewed around the same time.
  4. Is it advised to ask places you have been rejected from to provide feedback on your app?
  5. Has Colorado-Boulder sent out all invites? I've only seen one post on the results page
  6. I feel like this has been asked before, but is it bad to call the psych admissions number to ask if interviews have been sent out?
  7. Can the person who received an invite from Syracuse message me their POI? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know if Syracuse sent out invites for clinical?
  9. Does anyone know if UC Boulder already sent out invites for their clinical program?
  10. To the person who received the interview invite from University of Iowa, could you DM me your POI?
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