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  1. I'm going to spend my summer enjoying time with my daughter, giving my house a deep spring clean, looking for scholarships/grants/jobs to help me through the 1st year. I'm also hoping to develop relationships with potential practicum sites.
  2. YAY! I get to post School: Adler University (Chicago) Concentration: Clinical Type: PsyD Date of Acceptance: April 11th Notified: Email
  3. Oh yes! I'm feeling that now. I had one interview, haven't heard back but I saw one post of someone receiving acceptance. I'm also in my mid-30s with a 9year old child, I was hoping to be done by the time she was in high school to give me the chance to save $$ to help her financially through her college career. Feeling like a dope for even telling people that I was applying, I have had a lot of support from other graduate students and professors, as well as friends and some family. I know I'll also get the "I told you so" from my father-in-law who has been less than supportive due to the financial burden. I will be applying to a couple of PsyD programs that have rolling admissions, and seeing if one of the Universities that I have a part-time RA position with has any full-time openings.
  4. Has anyone else received the email from Northwestern about MA program?
  5. Northwestern Feinberg sent out rejections today Others have posted about interviews that were emailed either a few days ago.
  6. School: Illinois Institute of Technology Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of Invite: 1/25 Type of invite: Email Interview date(s): 3/1 I am not choosing the Rehabilitation Emphasis (while fascinating, I don't think it will align enough with my primary research interest).
  7. I contacted one of my target schools because there was a deferred grade listed on the transcript that was sent (supervisor had issues signing progress form). Luckily I was able to email them an update to satisfactory honors (even though it doesn't change GPA, I didn't want this to show as negative). I also updated my CV to reflect current research duties. Unfortunately, I noticed someone was contacted within the past day for an interview, so I'm hoping I wasn't too late. Fingers are crossed.
  8. Hey Katie, I haven't received anything but I am under the assumption if 5 have posted that they've received interview invites, that they are likely done. Not everyone applying is going to post, or even come to this site. Sadly, I'm in the same boat...I'm seeing interview invites to most of the schools I've applied to, but I have no updates on my application even saying that I'm rejected either.
  9. Last I heard about Northwestern was that they would be sending invites out later than typical (Feb 1st, I believe) due to the high volume of applicants.
  10. I've applied to many as well, but I haven't heard from any. It looks like prospectives will send invites for these schools within the next week or February 1st. Trying (and failing) to not let the anxiety get the best of me. I had to limit myself to only local schools since I cannot move (home, child, a spouse with state-specific professional licensing), and I feel like I'd have better chances if I had more POIs that aligned more with my research interests.
  11. My father in law has questioned my entire return to school on multiple occasions. I've been trying to finish undergrad since 2008 while working, supporting my husband through his graduate career, and raising a small child. Now I've been able to commit to my studies full-time and pursuing my dream of Clinical Psychology PhD. My father in law does not comprehend why, since I was making a fairly decent income in my past career without having any degree (albeit in a different field). I also have about 90% of the professors and graduate students telling me how it is next to impossible to get into a PhD program, especially straight out of undergrad. Still, I've worked hard to be (and stay) on this path I am on because I love it. Yes, it is hard, but I feel more fulfilled. To me, it is worth the effort to do it.
  12. How are you passing the time? I mean aside from checking emails a million times and coming here. I've been working on my honors capstone, playing legos and watching a couple shows with my kid before she starts back to school, and recently decided to start working on that Konmari method (my dresser has never looked so amazing). I have an extra week of the break after my daughter returns to school, so I think that's going to be the worst for boredom.
  13. I'm applying for admission straight after undergrad for Ph.D. programs. It's a bit disheartening that the majority of those at my University say over and over that almost nobody gets in straight out of undergrad. Luckily, I've found 3 RA positions (2 volunteer positions that I joined in February 2018, 1 paid position) that I hope is going to help. I'm willing to take the chance.
  14. I was warned by the graduate student that I assist about this site and forgot about it. Then, I submitted applications and anxiety crept up so I did a search on the application statuses. So here I am, now giving in and signing up for an account.
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