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  1. I wish we could pin this whole thread to the top of the forum, but especially this part.
  2. That's really encouraging, because that isn't how grad school has been sold to me in the past, and I would even venture to say it isn't an attitude that many (if not most) grad students share. I hope to have time for hobbies! As for reading, though, I always felt distracted reading fantasy in undergrad. Free reading has been a bit hard when I have so much other reading to do, but perhaps that is something I should work on
  3. I'm honestly preoccupied just with getting ready to move. I'm going through my things, looking at houses in the area, getting quotes from moving companies in the area, and saving up. In addition to all that, like @dgswaim said, I would like to establish good habits as well, especially with diet and exercise. I'm also reading Discworld and playing video games because I'm definitely not going to have this kind of time on my hands again for a good few years
  4. Hi there--I'm so sorry you're facing this dilemma. I hope some internet strangers can help you out a bit. My (now husband) then boyfriend and I went long distance when I got a Fulbright for a year--I was in Germany, he was in Texas. That's about as long distance as it gets. We found out 3 days after we started dating and went for it--by the time I left, we'd been together 3 months. It changed the whole course of our relationship, because from the very beginning we knew we were taking it very seriously--seriously enough to go through the pain of long distance. We made it through the ordea
  5. I think funding should be the deciding factor here. Are you able to work your way through school? If not, you'll need loans for tuition as well as for living at SAIS (and I think COL in Baltimore is quite high). Student loan debt is no joke, and I personally think you should avoid it no matter what. At least run some calculations real quick today and think seriously about taking on that debt. But keep in mind that I'm an internet stranger. I don't know you, and neither does anyone else on this forum. We'll all do our best to give you our best advice, but please do what you think is best for yo
  6. Declined an offer from UVA this weekend. Withdrew from UNC waitlist last week. Just withdrew a waitlist spot (#1) at the University of Kentucky this morning that I didn't even know I had, so apologies on being late with that one. Looks like they may be moving on to the waitlist if anyone's interested.
  7. Accepted an offer at Baylor. Really excited for this fall, and kind of in shock that this whole process is finally over.
  8. I hope this indicates that many people are just waiting for very late visits, as UVA's is mere days before the deadline. Then after they visit, they'll make a decision on the 13th or 14th--though that's not too much time for others to act, it is better than 5pm on the 15th. Though I'd say in general, you're probably correct--with so many people holding onto waitlists until the last minute while sitting on other acceptances, it's going to make for a crazy day on April 15th. I'd say almost moreso than usual, given the late visit times so many schools seem to be having this year. We'll all h
  9. I lurked on this thread but never posted, because I've graduated already and took a gap between graduation and applying, so I wasn't sure if I counted! Sorry if I still don't count haha. I had some life circumstances keep me from applying for a few years, even though I had wanted to apply straight out of undergrad. It's weird being in this sort of in-between group where I'm not currently enrolled as an undergrad, but I don't have an MA. People seem to assume that I got distracted by job prospects in the "real world" and decided to come back, but that isn't the case at all. I'm happy with
  10. Hey, welcome to TGC and congrats on the acceptances! You may want to talk with some other computer science people regarding making decisions. There's a dedicated computer science forum here: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/33-computer-science/ They'll know more than I will about program and discipline specific issues. Generally, it's recommended to take the offer that a) offers you the best funding so that you can avoid student debt and b) is the best fit for you in terms of faculty, resources, and city (obviously Florida is very different from Kansas, so you may want to think a
  11. Congratulations! I was very impressed with them through my correspondences while applying. It seems Duquesne not only has a great philosophy program, but caring people who work there. I hope you enjoy it, and congratulations again!
  12. Oh it was definitely awkward. Actually they were both PhD offers, but I was waitlisted at UNC so I was getting an acceptance call while on tour with my waitlist which is sooooo awkward. I was trying hard not to sound suspiciously excited or anything but it was my first acceptance so I was really happy.
  13. Hey there! Congratulations on making it through all that and finally getting to think about grad school. I've been on two campus visits and found that the grad student population was more diverse in age than I expected. At one school, quite a few people were in their 30's. At another, there weren't as many and most were young, but there were still a couple of people who were older than average. It is not uncommon for people your age to be returning to school. If you have the money, I'd recommend applying to quite a few MA programs (especially those with good funding--Georgia State
  14. Turned down MA offers from Wake Forest (bioethics) and Duquesne (philosophy). Those were hard emails to write.
  15. Ooh that's a hard question about CH/Austin! I was only in CH for a couple days and it was definitely different than Austin, but I felt I'd be happy living there and making the transition, so I suppose there were enough similarities to make me happy (ie local food markets, good non-chain restaurants, lots to do outdoors). I loved that many people just walk to the market there--definitely not a thing you can do in Austin unless you live in one of the ultra-expensive condos downtown. I hear Durham has some Austin-type hipster places as well. The "blue dot in a red state" is definitely true in bot
  16. Hey there! Congrats on your acceptances! I'm in philosophy so I can't help much, but I did just get back from visiting UNC for the philosophy dept., and I can speak a little to my thoughts on moving to Chapel Hill. The Chapel Hill area is so beautiful, and very close to Raleigh and Durham--meaning that if you need something you can't find in Chapel Hill, you can get to Durham or Raleigh easily to find it. If you don't have a car, Chapel Hill is a great place to live. Their bus system is free for everyone, not just students, and the center areas of Chapel Hill and Carborro are very walkab
  17. Mentioning mental health in a letter to a university is, at best, a contentious question in academia and TGC. In my opinion, I think you should play it safe and call it a health issue or medical issue, with no mention of it being a mental health issue. While most if not all people are sympathetic towards those with broad "health related" issues, mental health specific ones are received with more varied responses--you can't be sure that they would be sympathetic. I personally hope this changes in the future. With that being said, I am so proud of you for overcoming that and achievin
  18. Thank you! I'm so excited! And I'll probably wait until I receive word back on my waitlists to make a final decision. Don't want to say much else because I'm afraid the schools will find me ;) But, I was very impressed with their program and I would be happy there if I did accept!
  19. Interesting! I had to inquire about the visit, but am also told my chance is "extremely likely." Currently looking at airfare and such, as I truly do care about getting into this program. Thanks for the information!
  20. Seems to be the second wave of waitlist notifications. I got one in early March that said I was near the top and had a good chance of getting in, and then I also got an email yesterday to check the portal, so I guess they did a bunch of portal updates recently? If you're curious what your chances are, I'd contact them, since I'm relatively certain that there have been two waves of waitlists for UVA but uncertain if that means that the second wave has a lesser chance of getting in.
  21. I can finally add my story here! I was at the UNC Prospectives' Weekend and received a phone call from Baylor while I was in the car on the way to the airport. It was super weird to get a call from one university that I'd been accepted in the middle of touring another university! The people in the car were really nice and let me take the call, and the UNC student was very congratulatory, as she knew this was my first PhD acceptance of the season. Glad my first acceptance could be memorable!
  22. Waitlisted at SLU, seems like a lot of us were
  23. I CAN FINALLY POST HERE Y'ALL. Accepted at Baylor!
  24. Hey there! Since you're on your own on this one, I think one of the most straightforward methods you could do is a comparison paper. For example, Author A has an opinion on a topic, Author B has another opinion on the same topic. Compare, contrast, and argue for which one you think is better. Use lots of supporting articles and literature to argue for your point. A paper like this will show your ability to analyze texts, identify key differences between texts, and utilize philosophical reasoning and argumentation skills to support your opinion. Are you working on a writing sample for gra
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