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    New York, NY

    I bike commute from Brooklyn to the UES now, and did Inwood to Columbia for a few years. I’ve never biked anywhere else, but I find it doable, and the paths can get crowded but not too bad. The Hudson greenway is lovely and safe. Bike commuting has honestly been a savior for me here. I’m moving to Boston soon so DM me if you want to trade biking tips in our respective cities!
  2. ariadnev

    New York, NY

    Conversely, I’ve been living in Bed Stuy for five years, and have never had any problems or felt unsafe! I’m sorry this happened to you—but also want to underscore that many people live in the outer boroughs with absolutely no problem, and with cheaper rents and decent transportation options. I have a wonderful duplex with a backyard for my dog, and it’s quite affordable for NYC standards. For people starting a housing search, Queer Housing (a Facebook group) and Listings Project (an email listserve) have been where I found all my roommates and homes throughout the years.
  3. Removing myself from CUNY's waitlist. Field is modern/contemporary, POI is Joselit. I hope this helps someone out!
  4. Removing myself from the Berkeley Rhetoric waitlist. Hope this helps someone out!
  5. Removing myself from Berkeley Rhetoric's waitlist. Hope it helps someone out!
  6. Yep, I also got an email to check the portal with a generic rejection. Very sad, especially because I had extensive, very positive contact since the summer with a POI there Maybe you're waitlisted?!
  7. I called C&T today and they said results would be out by the end of the month! Also super anxious 😟
  8. FYI I called the graduate coordinator yesterday, who told me that all acceptance notifications have gone out, so no news is bad news :( very bummed.
  9. I'm also waiting on Santa Cruz, and it doesn't seem like they've notified yet, since nothing is up on the board -- although it's later than usual for them (I was expecting news of some kind last week!).
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