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  1. I am was selected for Brazil. Very excited for the opportunity.
  2. Dr. Blattman from Harris wrote something on his blog that might interest you. https://chrisblattman.com/2013/10/04/what-ma-mpa-or-mia-program-is-for-you/ He talks about SIPA and Harris and the pros and cons of both. He was a professor at both and shares a wealth of knowledge on his blog. I think one of the big points he mentions with the NYC and Washington D.C. programs is the networking opportunities. In NYC, SIPA has great connections with the UN. I will say that the Career Development Office at Harris seems extremely motivated to help students achieve their goals.
  3. I visited a number of the programs you listed and was accepted to JHU, HKS, and Harris. I was in somewhat of a unique position because I was really looking for joint MPP/MBA programs. This factored into my decision making process, but I will give you my opinions based solely on the MPP programs. After visiting JHU, HKS, and UChicago, I felt it was clear that UChicago was the right place for me. The faculty seemed much more accessible. I was offered a global security fellowship that I was really interested in. Even though I was already fully funded, I wanted to be able to participate
  4. This is hilarious to me. In what world do you think arguing a pro-Palestinian stance is controversial in academia? That is not even a controversial stance at Tel-Aviv University.
  5. I was notified on 31 January. Did anyone else find out on a different date?
  6. Did anyone get information on the Pearson Fellowship?
  7. It includes the mid-career MPA which likely skews the data. Look at the specific program you are interested in. 25% is about right for the MPP program from what I understand.
  8. Program Applied To: MPP/MBA Schools Applied To: Harvard, Chicago, Stanford, Columbia (numerous joint MPP/MBA programs) Schools Admitted To: Harris (I am receiving full sponsorship and a stipend from the government) Rejected: HBS (So I will not accept HKS if offered) Undergraduate institution: Small state university Undergraduate GPA: 3.36 Undergraduate Majors: Public Administration GRE Quantitative Score:
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