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  1. Thank you! I'll leave the link here for others as well ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/445918079311941/
  2. Does anyone know if there’s a facebook group for SJSU class of 2022 (extended masters) yet?
  3. Update: after multiple emails and attempted calls, i found out that they’re still reviewing applications due to some system errors. They hope to send out the rest of the responses by the end of this week, though it’s not guaranteed It was nice to finally hear why there’s been a major delay, but i feel bad for people who were really hoping to go there since Baylor never kept applicants in the loop as to what was going on /:
  4. I also think that accepting the offer is the better option since you dont know what might happen if you reapply! Congrats on getting in though! I know you said you’d rather not reapply, but one other option is to look into programs that have spring admissions. You may wanna confirm with NYU Online on this, but i’ve heard that they let you defer admission one time. if that’s true, you could still save your spot for the January cohort while having another shot at being a part of an on-campus program/a program that may better suit your preferences (and bank account!). Yeah you’d have to reapply, but at least this way you wouldn’t have to wait a whole year to do so! But I totally understand not wanting to go through the whole app process again haha
  5. I had a really great impression of CSUEB when I visited for their department tour, but I've heard a lot more about SJSU through current students and they had mostly good things to say about it. A downside to SJSU seems like the administration is a little unorganized. In addition, i'm interested in learning more about aphasia and it seems like CSUEB's aphasia treatment program is more established than SJSU's. Tuition and commute are about the same for both, so those aren't major factors for me (although since i'm an extended master's student, CSUEB is at least an extra summer long). A bummer about CSUEB is that they're very particular which courses you take to satisfy ASHA requirements, which means I'd probably have to take classes at a CC this summer, but I know that's a minor con and they claim that those courses maximize preparation to practice as an SLP. I would also very much like to eventually have a hospital placement and prepare myself for medical SLP, but I'm not sure if I'm more likely get placed in a hospital at one school than the other. Any input on either of these programs or other factors to consider would be great!!! Side question: i know that for clinicals i'll have to compete with my peers for the same hospitals, so any tips on maximizing your chances of securing clinical experience (or even a job down the line) at a hospital? i'd love to hear about people's experiences :))
  6. Has anyone heard back from Baylor yet? It was really hard to get any sort of response from them leading up to April 15, but when I tried emailing them, on April 15 they said they couldnt give me a decision yet and that i’d hear back from them by April 16... and I still haven’t heard from them. I’ve already committed to another school, but it’d just be nice to get a definite answer. Anyone else in a similar boat?
  7. Hello! I'm not currently attending a CSU, but unless things change, I'll be attending one this fall! I'd also have to say that the cost of tuition was a huge factor for me. I got into a couple of other schools that, although are more "prestigious," were WAY more expensive than a CSU. And since people say that what really matters in this field getting your license, I'm thankful I won't be in nearly as much debt and i'll eventually have my license! I think while (some) schools may favor their own students to varying degrees, i personally didn't have a stellar GPA and I still got into a CSU even though I didn't go there for undergrad! the same thing happened with my friend who got into a different CSU. i'm not writing this to counter anything that was said above--i just wanted to say that to encourage applicants who are in a similar boat as I was it's so easy to play the comparison game, but there is hope of getting in somewhere even if your GPA isn't the most competitive! study hard for that GRE, gain relevant experiences, and have trusted people look over your personal statement!
  8. Bumping this because i would also love more info on CSUEB! I attended an open house & dpmt tour as well (msg me if you have any questions!) but it’d be so so helpful to hear about the program from a current SLP student there!
  9. Hi @KFinch! Would you mind sharing what you’ve heard about CSUEB’s grad program? I got accepted there as an extended masters student and im highly considering going, but would like to hear what students like & dont like about the program, strengths and weaknesses, and unique features. Im also personally interested in medical SLP if you know any info on that
  10. @Aspire_to_Be Yes, i applied to CSUEB and today I found out that I was accepted! :') If anyone has any (updated) info on CSUEB and SJSU I'd really love to hear it! I'm currently waitlisted for SJSU and i've also been accepted to UOP's 24-month program, but it'd be hard to make a decision if i did get accepted to SJSU. i'm personally really interested in medical SLP and working in a hospital one day, so it'd be nice to hear how likely it is to get a hospital placement at CSUEB/SJSU and how well either program trains students for medical SLP also, opinions on how to choose between UOP and a Cal State would also be appreciated! While I'd start working a year earlier & the dpmt made it seem like they'd do their absolute best to meet preferences for placements if i chose UOP, i'd be saving a LOT of money at a Cal State due to affordable tuition & being able to commute to either CSUEB/SJSU. So I guess right now I'm just wondering if the benefits of UOP's program outweigh the financial costs /: i also think it'd be nice to stay closer to home for a variety of personal reasons, but im aware that (for UOP) i'd only be away for 2 years
  11. SJSU sent out decisions (in waves it seems like) from mid March to last Friday. They’re on spring break this week and i was told the committee usually sends out all the responses before entering break, so i suggest contacting them sometime next week if you dont hear from them then i got waitlisted and i’d highly consider going there if i get in, so im hoping to hear from them again by the end of this month (before 4/15 would be nice but they said they’d get back to me after 4/16 lol). Best wishes to you!
  12. thank you for sharing that! i haven't received any information about financial aid. i activated my netID a while ago, but i actually wasn't aware that there was a CSUEB horizon gmail account (i made it just now) and thought they'd just email me via the email i used for my application. hopefully i can still somehow receive financial aid info!
  13. Accepted as a grad plus student! Still waiting to hear back from some other schools though
  14. If you decided to interview, may i ask what kinds of questions you were asked?
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