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  1. I decided to commit to FES! I was having a tough time turning down HKS, but the difference in price and the ability to specialize in environmental policy at Yale were the deciding factors. I'm excited to meet some of y'all next year (hopefully sooner rather than later)!
  2. I'm turning down HKS MPP (no funding) for the Yale School of Forestry (partial funding). HKS has been a dream program for me for a while, but Yale has way more opportunities in environmental policy and it didn't make sense to spend so much more on HKS, especially with a likely recession and online classes. Good luck next year, y'all!
  3. Just got an email that I wasn’t accepted off of the waitlist and that the class is now full. “This year, we only made a few offers of admission from the waitlist.” Good luck to everyone wherever they end up!
  4. HKS's deposit deadline is April 30 this year. Good luck, y'all!
  5. Has anyone heard of someone negotiating more scholarship funding from Yale FES? I'm leaning toward FES over Duke, but Duke gave me more funding. Yale says that the amount is mostly based on need, so I'm not sure if they would care that another school gave me a better (merit) scholarship. Anyone have any tips?
  6. I'm also an environmental policy person who was accepted into both of these programs (although am leaning toward Yale or Harvard). I would push back a bit on @GradSchoolGrad's characterization of SIPA. I know several alums who now work in energy or environment policy. One works in state government related to energy/water and another is a consultant in energy markets. SIPA has actually been really investing in the area, with the Center on Global Energy Policy. As a Columbia student, you'd also have access to the Earth Institute and faculty like Jeffrey Sachs, one of the world's leading experts on sustainable development. The Energy and Environment concentration at SIPA has a group of 30+ students per class, so you won't be alone in your interest. If you definitely want to do sustainable development work internationally, I would lean toward SIPA. The number of opportunities related to international development seem great at SIPA (compared to the less international focus of the Nic School). My one concern might be cost. You say that each school gave you a 30% scholarship but tuition and cost of living at SIPA are much higher. I wouldn't choose based on current COVID-19 dynamics. By the fall, who knows where Durham or NYC will be. (Full disclosure: I attended Columbia for undergrad)
  7. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP, MPA, Master of Environmental Management (MEM) Schools Applied To: Harvard Kennedy (MPP), Princeton WWS (MPA), Columbia SIPA (MPA), UC Berkeley Goldman (MPP), Yale F&ES (MEM), Duke Nicholas (MEM), UChicago Harris (MPP), UT Austin LBJ (MPAff-DC) Schools Accepted To: HKS, SIPA ($$), Berkeley ($), Yale F&ES ($), Duke Nicholas ($$), Harris ($$), LBJ ($$$$) Schools Waitlisted At: Princeton WWS Schools Rejected From: None Still Waiting: None Undergraduate Institution: Ivy Undergraduate GPA: 3.46 Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engineering GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: 170/170/6.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 2 Work Experience: 2 Describe Relevant Work Experience: Worked at 2 non-profits, including one entry-level role in renewable energy advocacy, one conducting research related to electric utility regulation and electric vehicles. In college, I interned at the US State Department, a think tank, and a state legislature. Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc.): Described how my technical background (in engineering and energy policy/regulation) made me well suited to work in federal energy policy. I also highlighted my longstanding passion for climate action and my leadership roles in undergrad related to environmental organizing. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc.): Asked my two most recent supervisors (could comment on my research reports and passion for energy policy) and a political science professor from college (who talked more about my interest in public service and undergrad leadership). I read one, which was good! The others were submitted in the week before my first deadline. Other: I'm currently weighing a few programs. I'm tempted by HKS but unsure if it's worth the cost (no aid). My other top choice is probably the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. I'm still figuring out whether I should go the MPP or MEM route. I'm hoping to work after graduation for a federal agency or Congress on climate/clean energy policy. I'm going to try to talk Yale up from $14k/year. I haven't ruled out Duke, SIPA, or Berkeley either. I wish admitted student visits were still an option!
  8. I'm in a very similar boat. I got into a few other schools (SIPA, Berkeley Goldman, Yale School of Forestry) with moderate aid ($14-30k per year) and HKS with no aid. I'm hoping to talk to some alums/students from each school who also work in environmental policy to see if they have opinions, but I'm currently at a loss myself! I'd also appreciate any other takes from you all. When does the U.S. government post the interest rate for federal loans for the 2020-21 school year?
  9. I got into the MPP program!! Is anyone seeing any financial aid info? My finaid portal looks the same.
  10. Yay I got in! At the bottom of my acceptance letter was a link to a scholarship award letter ($30k/year in aid). Good luck everyone with your decisions!
  11. Congrats to everyone who got in! I got a waitlist email a couple of hours ago. Here’s to another month or two of uncertainty!
  12. A friend currently at SIPA sent me this email. Looks like decisions are still on track to come out before Monday!
  13. I received 14k in renewable need-based aid. Do y'all think there's any chance for an appeal?
  14. Accepted with a $20k departmental fellowship for the first year! No in-state tuition for me though.
  15. Is your result also on the website? Still haven’t received/found anything.
  16. I only seem to get an email notification for about half of the blog posts. Not sure why!
  17. Accepted at Yale FES!! I randomly checked the portal and the decision was there! They said to expect FinAid decisions by March 15.
  18. I applied! I believe there's already a GSPP thread for this cycle:
  19. Does anyone have a guess as to when Duke financial aid decisions will come out beyond "mid-March?" How long did they take last year? Between this and Yale decisions on Friday, March is turning out to be just as stressful as February...
  20. From the Duke academic calendar, today isn’t a university holiday... Fingers crossed we find out soon!
  21. Just checked the portal and accepted with a fellowship—congrats all!
  22. Still no email Maybe the DC Concentration decisions are going out separately?
  23. I saw that there wasn't yet a thread this year for University of Texas LBJ School applicants. Feel free to post here. I applied in December for the MPAff DC Concentration. The LBJ DC office just reached out to schedule a video interview. Has anyone else gotten a similar request? I didn't see anything about interviews on the website--any idea if everyone does one or their criteria for choosing who to interview? It looks like the first decisions are usually released in February. Good luck all!
  24. Just got a call too! Accepted with $30k a year! Congrats all .
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